December Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 7, Issue 4
Tiger Big Ideas 7 & 8

What Do You Do at Holiday Time (Webelos Craftsman & Scientist)



Orange Tiger
(Tune: Did You Ever See A Lassie)
Northwest Suburban Council

Oh, I saw an orange tiger,
A tiger, a tiger;
Oh, I saw an orange tiger
With lots of black stripes.

With stripes all in black
In the front and the back.
Oh, I saw an orange tiger
With lots of black stripes.

Big Idea #7 Helping Others

Heart of America Council

Coupon Books

Materials: Paper, 3" x 5" markers

To emphasize that helping others includes those in our own families. Boys could make coupon books to give to their parents. Leader prepares slips of paper ahead of time, 3" x 5" is a good size. Give each boy about 10. Boys decide what they can do to help their families and write one thing on each coupon or illustrate it by drawing. The books are then stapled together, and each boy gives his parents the book. Parents can redeem the coupons by giving one to their son. He agrees to perform the action illustrated on the coupon.

Simple Bird Feeders-Berry Basket Feeder
Heart of America Council

Materials: 2 Plastic berry baskets, kitchen shears, 3/4 Cup mixed bird seed, peanut butter, small bowl, spoon table knife, waxed paper, 4 twist ties, 1 plastic trash bag tie, stick

1. Cut one row of squares off each berry basket.

2. Mix birdseed and peanut butter (about 3 Tablespoons) together in a small bowl. Add just enough peanut butter to hold seed together.

3. Lay one berry basket on waxed paper. Pat seed mixture into bottom with table knife.

4. Fit rim of second basket inside first.

5. Fasten basket together at corners with twist ties.

6. Slip plastic tie through top-center of feeder. Hang feeder on a tree.

7. Push a stick through seed mixture for a perch.

Pinecone Feeder
Heart of America Council

Materials: pinecones, peanut butter, birdseed, table knife, paper plate or tin pie pan, string or yarn

Tie string or yarn to stem end of pinecone. With table knife spread peanut butter over pinecone. Roll pinecone in birdseed. Hang in a tree.

Heart of America Council

Materials: poster board, scissors, markers

Boys could also make book marks to give to a retirement home to illustrate the helping others concept

  1. Use poster board cut to about 3" x 8" (use pinking shears for extra decorative effect). Punch hole in bottom to add tassel or ribbon ties.

Decorate as desired.

Musical Package
Heart of America Council

Equipment: Small package wrapped in masses of paper, and string.

In a circle, players pass the package as the music plays. When the music stops, boy with package unwraps one layer. Start music again. Player who unwraps final layer gets small trinket.

Thread the Needle
Heart of American

Challenge the boys to "Thread the needle". Boys clasp their hands in front of their bodies. They bend forward and step through the loop formed by their arms with right foot, then left foot. They reverse the action by stepping backward with left foot, then right, keeping the hands clasped. If hands are clasped near the floor, the action is easier to perform.

Magnet Maze
Heart of America Council

Materials: large heavyweight paper plate, paper straws or thin strips of cardboard (for forming maze). Washers, Craft (Popsicle) sticks, small magnet (available at electronics stores), glue

Each boy forms maze with strips of straws or cardboard being sure to leave enough room for washer to travel through maze. Glue small magnet on end of craft stick.

To Play: place washer on plate, and holding on to end of craft stick, hold magnet under plate. Guide washer through maze with magnet.

Hint: Some of the younger boys may have trouble with the concept of a maze. Either have examples for them to copy, or draw mazes, give each boy a copy and let him glue the paper on his plate and then glue the straws on the paper, be sure to allow for the width of the straws or cardboard when drawing the maze.

Heart of America Council
Big Idea #8

This Big Idea gives you and yours Cubs a chance to enjoy all the special places and activities in your area. Have fun and Go See It.

Go See It Collage
Heart of America Council

Have boys make a collage of things they would like to see.

Materials: magazines to be cut up, small poster boards, glue, scissors.

1. Boys cut pictures in odd shapes and glue them (overlapping) onto poster board to make interesting picture.

Travelers Relay Game
Heart of America Council

Materials: two suitcases or paper sacks, two of dad's old shirts and pants, (hats? shoes?).

To Play: Divide into two teams and set start and finish lines. First boy in each line gets his suitcase with clothes in it. Boy takes luggage, runs to finish line, takes out clothes, puts them on top of his clothes, runs back to start carrying empty luggage, takes off extra clothes, repack suitcase, and gives it to the next boy.

Denver Area Council

What would this world be like if people did not help others? It would be a pretty dismal place. Fortunately, that is not the type of world we live in. Helping others should be a part of anyone's life. There are those who spend their entire lives doing just that. These people don't do it because it makes for a better world, even though that may be a part of it. They have learned that helping others makes them feel good and make the one that they have helped feel good also. This Big Idea gives the Tiger a chance to learn that helping others should be an important part of his life both now and in the future. Helping others as a family or as a group makes the experience all the more fun and rewarding. Experiences can be shared as memories are made. In planning a meeting for your Tiger Den centered on this Big Idea, keep in mind that the Tigers will not necessarily know or want to help others. That is not a focus of boys at this age group. You need to KISMIF-keep it simple, make it fun. When Tigers learn that helping others is fun, they will be more willing to help others in the future.

  1. Play charades. Have each Tiger demonstrate something he can do to help others. Let the others try to guess what he is doing. At the end of the game discuss which idea the group would like to do as a group.
  2. Make cookies and greeting cards. Present them to residents of a nursing home, a senior's center, hospital, children's ward or children's home.
  3. Make coupon books offering ways in which the Tiger can help in his own home. Have them present this to his Tiger partner or parent as a gift for redemption at a later time.
  4. Collect toys or food items and donate them to a community drive to help the needy. If possible, visit the donation center to learn more about their programs.

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