December Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 7, Issue 4
Tiger Bid Ideas 7 & 8

What Do You Do at Holiday Time (Webelos Showman & Citizen)



Trimming The Christmas Tree

Cast: Group of Cubs, den leader, Scout staff with sprig of evergreen lashed to the top; materials to make snipping and sawing sounds (You can prerecord these on a cassette tape.)

Setting: Den leader is on stage; the Cubs are off to the side. Two Cubs enter.

Cub #1: Go ask the den leader how this tree is supposed to look.

Cub #2 goes to leader, acts out asking question. Leader acts out response. The Cubs run off stage, and audience can hear the sounds of sawing, snipping etc.)

Cub #3: (Enters, goes to leader.) Like this?

Leader: (Looks over at the Cubs who are positioned to let the leader see, but not the audience.) More off of this side. (Gestures Cub runs off stage.) (More sawing sounds are heard. Repeat this several times, with leader pointing and gesturing about different sides of the tree. Everyone is getting more and more tired. Finally after many sounds of sawing and snipping the Cubs all march over to the leader, carrying the staff with the sprig attached to the top, and show it to the leader and the audience. Leader groans and all leave.)

Santa's Help-In

Cast: Santa with list and empty sack, helpers with red caps, helper "X" with green cap

Setting: Santa's workshop with all helpers busy working on toys, whistling or singing "Jingle Bells". Santa enters, puzzled, and desperate, checking his list in his hand.

SANTA: Ho! Ho! This is an unusual list from the Cub Scouts of pack __. We are running out of time! Good grief!

Helper 1: I've worked hard on trains. Have they run out of brains?

Helper 2: It's clear to see they don't want trucks from me.

Helper 3: Surely Santa, you know the score. That's ho, ho, ho, please tell us more.

Helper 4: I know, great red and white one, they need a change. (Rattles coins in his pocket.)

Helper 5: That's right, wise leader. Any new ideas in our "goody range"?

Helper 6: Me thinks the Cubs are tired of toys. How about more arrow points for those boys?

Helper X: (runs across stage, carrying large cardboard shield with arrow points painted on) Sock it to 'em, Santa! (He places shield in Santa's sack. All stand and bow together, and exit, singing "Jingle Bells."


Santa's Noisy Christmas
Northwest Suburban Council

Sound Effects

(1) Beat on drum

(2) Blow whistle

(3) Ring bells

(4) Rub sandpaper blocks together

(5) Clap blocks of wood together

(6) Sing through hummer or kazoo

(7) Strike two heavy lids together

Divide audience into 7 groups. Assign each a sound effect and let each group practice. Narrator reads story and holds up numbered cards as groups respond with their sound effects.

Narrator: It was a blowing, snowy Christmas Eve (1) (2). Santa was just about finished with his rounds. His reindeer landed on the last roof with a great jingle of bells (3). Santa jumped from his sleigh and squeezed down the chimney (4), landing softly on the floor (5). Reaching into the bottom of his almost-empty pack, Santa hummed a tune (6), as he decorated the tree and filled the stockings. The clock on the mantel struck two, (7) (7) as he put the last ornament in place. Then Santa began stacking presents under the tree (5) (5) (5).

As he finished and stood back to survey his work proudly, he noticed that an ornament was slipping from a branch (4), he lunged frantically for it, but he missed, and it crashed to the floor (7). In his hurry, Santa knocked over the beautifully wrapped presents that he had arranged so carefully (4) (5) (7). A toy airplane started zooming around the room (6) up and down, just as a bowling ball bumped over some small thing that had fallen (1). A baby doll, still smiling sweetly, tumbled to the floor, loudly calling for her 'mama' (6).

Reaching quickly for her, Santa stumbled across a rocking horse, which started to rock frantically with its bells jingling (3). A large rubber ball, carefully balanced on the horse's saddle, slid off and began bouncing merrily around the room (1) (1) (1). It struck a pile of blocks, crashing them loudly to the floor (1) (4) (5) (6) (7). A toy engine, beneath the blocks began to whistle shrilly (2), as a block hit its switch, and it raced around and around on its track.

As the wind outside got louder and louder (6), the shutters began to bang (1) the windows rattled (5) and the rafters creaked (2). "What a bedlam!" Santa groaned (6) as he could hear the reindeer up on the roof prancing lightly (5) and jingling their bells (3). "Oh dear" sighed Santa, scratching his head (4). "Why does everything seem to happen at once?" He scurried around the room picking things up and putting them back in their boxes, just as the clock struck three (7) (7) (7), many pairs of feet began running down the stairs, so Santa hastily squeezed up the chimney (4), jumped into his sleigh and flew away. Through the noise of the jingling bells (3), crashing storm (1) (7). and whistling wind (2), you could hear him exclaim as he drove out of sight: "Christmas is fun, but oh!! what a night."

The Twelve Days of Christmas
Akela Calls

Characters: Bob, 12 Cub Scout friends (if den has less than 12 boys, have them repeat their entrance on stage)

Props: Items called for in skit on a table (use your imagination to create wilder items)

Setting: Bob is standing by table with props. As each boy enters, he hands him the appropriate item.

Cub #1: On the first day of Christmas my good friend gave to me -- a knob to adjust my TV. Thanks Bob.

Bob: You're welcome!

(Each cub takes items and exits. Then next cub enters from opposite side of stage)

Cub #2: On the second day of Christmas my good friend gave to me -- two napkins. Thanks Bob.

Bob: You bet!

Cub #3: On the third day of Christmas my good friend gave to me -- three French fries. Thanks Bob!

Bob: No problem!

Cub #4: On the fourth day of Christmas my good friend gave to me -- four comic books. Thanks Bob!

Bob: Glad to do it!

Cub #5: On the fifth day of Christmas my good friend gave to me -- five rusty nails. Thanks Bob!

Bob: Don't mention it!

Cub #6: On the sixth day of Christmas my good friend gave to me -- six greasy rags. Thanks Bob!

Bob: OK!

Cub #7: On the seventh day of Christmas my good friend gave to me -- seven soggy sweatshirts. Thanks Bob!

Bob: Yeah, you're right!

Cub #8: On the eighth day of Christmas my good friend gave to me -- eight mugs for milk shakes. Thanks Bob!

Bob: Give me five! (does high five with Cub #8)

Cub #9: On the ninth day of Christmas my good friend gave to me -- nine dirty dustpans. Thanks Bob!

Bob: Cool dude!

Cub #10: On the tenth day of Christmas my good friend gave to me -- ten leaping lizards. Thanks Bob!

Bob: Check you later!

Cub #11: On the eleventh day of Christmas my good friend gave to me -- eleven pies for pitching. Thanks Bob: ( A pie plate full of whipped cream can actually be thrown at Bob here - if you like!)

Bob: (wiping off cream) That's what friends are for!

Cub #12: On the twelfth day of Christmas my good friend gave to me -- twelve dump trucks dumping. Thanks Bob!

Bob: Bye, pal! (last cub exits, table is cleared of all props) Now, let's see. That was (singing) twelve dump trucks dumping, eleven pies for pitching, ten leaping lizards, nine dirty dustpans, eight mugs for milk shakes, seven soggy sweatshirts, six greasy rags, FIVE RUSTY NAILS, four comic books, three French fries, two napkins and a knob to adjust my TV. (looks at audience and wipes brow) Whew! I finally did it. I finally got my closet cleaned out!


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