December Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 7, Issue 4
Tiger Big Ideas 7 & 8

What Do You Do at Holiday Time (Webelos Craftsman & Scientist)




Props: Box wrapped with holiday paper and tied with a bow. In the box are a menorah, small Christmas tree, invitation, (Kwanzaa candelabra if appropriate), Instant Recognition patch and beads, small wrapped gift, small felt stocking, and card saying "Do Your Best."

Cubmaster: (Opens box and looks inside.) December is one of the most exciting months of the year, and certainly one of the busiest. This month we have: Christmas (Takes out tree.); Hanukkah (Removes menorah.);

Kwanzaa (Removes candle holder.), and Holiday parties (Takes out invitation.). What a great time for all of us! Our pack has had lots of fun this month working on advancements (Takes patch and beads from box.), but one of the best things was our special service project/Good Turn (Takes stocking from box.) We've been busy, and all the time we have followed the Cub Scout Motto: (takes paper out of box and shows it while saying motto) "Do Your Best". Now den ___ will present the colors.

Opening Ceremony 2

Setting-. Cub Scouts come on stage one at a time, carrying appropriate props, and line up facing the audience. A narrator reads the poem.

(Boy 1 enters, carrying a wreath with sign on it saying "Season's Greetings".)

Narrator: Season's greetings to everyone, We're glad you joined us for the fun; 'Tis certainly the happy time of the year, with everyone bursting with Holiday Cheer.

(Boy 2 enters, carrying a globe with some Christmas tinsel wrapped around the base.)

Narrator: Each country has its special ways of celebrating the Holidays. Let's see what other people do to celebrate their customs, too.

(Boy 3 enters carrying a candle.)

Narrator: On Christmas Eve in Ireland, candles shine so bright, as children place them in windows, to shine into the night.

(Boy 4 enters carrying a piñata.)

Narrator: In Mexico the children gather goodies from the floor after they break the Piñata filled with prizes by the score.

Starry Night
Greater St. Louis Area Council

(Dim or turn off room lights except for an electric candle or flashlight)

This is the season of lights and stars, when days are short and nights are long with beautiful stars.

Lord Baden-Powell, the founder of Scouting, once said this to his scouts, "I often think when the sun goes down, the world is hidden by a big blanket from the light of heaven. But the stars are little holes pierced in that blanket by those who have done good deeds in this world. The stars are not all the same size; some are big, and some are little. So some men have done great deeds, and some men have done small deeds, but they have all made their hole in the blanket by doing good before they went to heaven."

Let's remember when we look at the starry sky, to make our own hole in the blanket, by doing good deeds and helping other people.

Opening Ceremony
Trapper Trails Council

Preparation: Find the following items and attach the words for that item on them somewhere.

Candle, wreath, candy cane, red tree ornament, and star tree topper.

Put all items in a basket to have boys pulI out during ceremony. You could predetermine who is going to pull out what from the basket, reminding them that the star is last if you use the alternative ending. This is a ceremony that you can be creative with, you can add other items as necessary for the number of boys in your den.

Candle: This is the candle Mary and Joseph used to find their way in the dark.

Wreath: This wreath symbolizes the eternal nature of man; it has no beginning and no end.

Candy cane: This candy cane reminds me of the shepherd's crook used at the time of the birth of Christ.

Red tree ornament: This ornament is used to symbolize the blood Jesus shed for us.

Star tree topper: This star is a symbol of the "new star" seen when Jesus was born.

Alternative ending: This star is a symbol of the "'new star" seen when Jesus was born; it is also a part of our American flag, let's stand and pledge allegiance to that flag.


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