December Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 7, Issue 4
Tiger Ideas 7 & 8

What Do You Do at Holiday Time (Webelos Craftsman & Scientist)



Achievement Chart Ceremony
Northwest Suburban Council

Personnel: Cub Scout(s), the Den Leader, and the Den Chief.

He then receives an award which is a gold star.

Den Leader: (Name) having fulfilled the requirements for Wolf and duly receiving this award at the pack meeting as of (day), is hereby authorized by the members of this den to place the appropriate star after his name on the achievement chart.

Den Chief: (Name) it has been a pleasure to help and assist you in your Cubbing and to prepare you for Scouting. You have learned your lessons well and are now on the trail of the Bear. I know you will soon be on the Scouting trail that leads to the Eagle's nest.

Den Leader: Cubs, let us all remember it took hours of work for both (Name) and his parents to achieve this award, so let us all work for the higher goals in Cubbing so that later on we may take our place for God and our country. Now Cubs, let us give a Class A hand clap for (Name).

The Fourth Bead
Northwest Suburban Council

Cub Scouts who have completed 12 achievements and earned the Wolf or Bear rank, receive their badges at a pack ceremony. But it's a good idea to recognize them in the Den too, with a simple ceremony as soon as they finish the 12th achievement.

Personnel: Den Leader, advancing Cub Scout

Equipment: Bead from Immediate Recognition Kit

Den Leader: Today (Name) gets his fourth bead for passing three more achievements for Wolf (or Bear) rank. Do you know what that means? It means that he has finished all 12 achievements for Wolf (or Bear). At our next Pack meeting, he'll get his new badge. I think that's great! He'll wear his new Wolf (or Bear) badge on his left shirt pocket.

(Attach bead to thong of Progress toward Ranks patch).

Keep working on advancement, (Name). That way you will get the most fun in our Den and Pack. Let us see you other Cubs keep advancing, too. Congratulations!

'Twas the Night of the Pack Meeting
Greater St. Louis Area Council

'Twas the night of the pack meeting and all through the place,

Not a boy was stirring, anticipation on each face.

It was time for advancements and they all turned an ear,

So when their name was called, they would hear it loud and clear.

The Cubmaster was checking his list, not only once but twice,

To see which boys had worked hard and earned awards this night.

When all of a sudden the Cubmaster as ready with helpers nigh,

To pass out awards as the boys called were filing by.

First came the Bobcats all new to the pack.
Akela is ready, with the guidance and experience they lack,
Come up all you new Cubs
You're our Bobcats tonight.

Your final step as a Bobcat is to do a good deed and you must do it right.
(Call boys and their parents forward and present awards.)

Second are the Wolves, experienced that is true
But there is still much to learn, Akela's not through
Come up all our Wolf Cubs, you are Wolves to be praised,
Achievements and electives you've done
So with Wolf Badge and arrow point, to rank you are raised.

(Call boys and their parents forward and present awards).

Third are the Bears most experienced so far,
Akela's teachings they've heeded, they're way above par.
Come all our Bear Cubs, your work and learning is applauded,
For completing achievement and electives, tonight you're rewarded.
(Call boys and their parents forward and present awards.)

Last are the Webelos, but not least to be sure,

Akela's lessons they've learned, now Boy Scouts is their lure.
Come up all our Webelos, your activities are harder,
Your accomplishments you wear so proudly on your shoulder.
(Call boys and their parents forward and present awards).

Now, let's give all these Cubs our Santa applause for a job well done.

Christmas Tree Advancement Ceremony
Viking Council

All advancement awards are placed in Christmas tree wrappings and hung on the tree. Also in each package is a Christmas tree light bulb with the Cub Scout's first name lettered on with felt-tip pen.

Use pink bulbs for Bobcat; red for Wolf; green for Bear; gold for Arrow points; silver or white for silver arrow points; orange for Webelos activity badges; and a multicolored or special bulb for Arrow of Light.

Boys being given awards are called forward with their parents and pin on their new award and the boys then screw in their bulbs, which remain on the tree for the rest of the meeting. Afterward, let the boys have them to take home.

For boys graduating into a Scout troop, use one of the more formal ceremonies from "Staging Den and Pack Ceremonies".

Advancement Ceremonies
Trapper Trails Council

1. Awards could be gift wrapped and given out by Santa or one of his helpers.

2. Awards could be hung on a Christmas tree (either a small one from home or the decorated one where you hold your pack meetings.

3. Santa or helper could pull the awards out of a "toy" pack.

4. In one of the Scandinavian countries, the goodies are found in a wooden shoe-the awards could be put in a wooden shoe.

5. Awards could be attached to a candy piece of coal, reminding boys to be good if they want visit from Santa.


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