November Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 7, Issue 3

Turn on the Power (Webelos Craftsman & Scientist)



BIG IDEA #5 Know Your Family

Meeting Ideas
Denver Area Council

1. Share the family photo album. Identify special family members.

2. Share family histories and traditions.

3. Have a family's picnic. Get to know one another.

4. Have a group party. Use a holiday for the theme. How about a Halloween in February?

5. Design and make a family tree. Share it with others in your den.

6. Design a family coat of arms. Have the Tiger include special areas of the family's past.

7. Conduct your own "Family" activity.

More Ideas

Opening: Recite the Tiger Cub Motto

Search: Find out something about your ancestors. Have

the boys learn the names of the great-grandparents.

Discover: Plan "Mother's Pie-Plate Contest." Have the adult partners try to balance a pie plate on their heads while their Tiger Cub tries to place three marbles in it.

Share: Tell where you were born. Share something your family did last month.

Closing: Recite the Tiger Cub Promise.

Opening: Recite the Tiger Cub Motto

Search: Find out who has an interesting job and make plans to visit.

Discover: Play "In the Pond." Arrange the players in a circle around you just outside a chalk line. When you call "in the pond," all players are to jump in. When you call "on the bank," all should jump back if the players are in the pond when the order "in the pond" is given, they should stay in the pond. Anyone jumping out, is out of the game and so on. The remaining player wins.

BIG IDEA #6 Know Your Community

Meeting Ideas
Denver Area Council

Let's plan together a meeting for your Tiger Den as they get to know their community. All meetings start with planning. What are you going to do and how? Once that has been established, the rest is easy.

Gathering: Have a map of your community spread out on a table. As scouts and their partners arrive, have them mark on the map the location of their home. Compare distances between each Tiger and to the nearest store or local landmark of your choice.

Opening: For Tigers this is short and sweet. Remember the new logo you are learning in Scouts--KISMIF (Keep it simple, make it fun). Ask a Tiger and his partner to lead the group in the Pledge of Allegiance. As group leader, explain the Big Idea for this meeting and how you hope everyone will learn a little more about your community.

Sharing: Share any information coming from the Pack, i.e. when is the Pack meeting, what do the Tigers need to do to prepare, when the next meeting will be and who is running it. Should there be expenses for the group, now is the time that it should be collected.

Activity: Using the map, that now has the group's homes located, start locating various other parts that make up a community. Go around the room and have each scout name another aspect of the community. Some of these may include: Fire Station, Police Station, Town Hall, Library, favorite restaurants, video store, personal place of worship, hospital or physician's office, etc. Take a minute with each suggestion and see if your group can tell you how this place helps the community. Believe me, the video store will have a totally different answer than the police station. Now it is time to get away from the table. Ask the boys to do an impromptu skit where they meet one by one on the street and each is going somewhere different. See how many places within the community they wish to go. This is the adult partner's time to see the hidden hams within their boys.

Closing: Congratulate the Tigers for a job well done on their skit. Remind partners of any future commitments and gather everyone in a circle for your closing comments. This can be just a single statement of what your community means to you. Thank everyone for coming and send them on their way.

Meeting Ideas:

1. Draw a map of your community and include places of interest as listed from the group.

2. Make fire chief and policeman puppets as found in the Tiger Cub Resource book.

3. Place a pin of your town on the map, again described in the Tiger Cub Resource book.

4. Using a town map, plan and do a town bike trip.

Places to Go Things to Do:

One of the easiest ways to get to 'Know your Community' is to go out and "do the town." The following is a list of suggested places within each community that the Tiger group could visit as part of this Big Idea.

1. Visit Town Hall. Learn what services are available for others within your community.

2. Visit a bakery, a restaurant or store.

3. Visit the Fire Station.

4. Visit the Police Station.

5. Have a scavenger hunt. Plan the list of items that can be found locally.

6. Plan a "make believe" stay at home vacation. What things can be done or visited in your area.

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