November Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 7, Issue 3

Turn On the Power (Webelos Craftsman & Scientist)



Sam Houston Area Council

Pin a map (U.S. or world) to the wall. Mark a central spot on the map as the "takeoff" spot. Provide each player with a cardboard cutout of an airplane with a thumbtack or pushpin in it. Place several obstacles (chairs, tables, wastebaskets, etc.) in the center of the room. Give each player a minute to study the location of the obstacles before blindfolding him. In turn, each player crosses the floor without touching any of the obstacles, and pins the plane on the map as far as possible from the takeoff spot. Anyone whose plane lands in the water is out. You may play that anyone touching one of the obstacles has "crashed" his plane and is out. The pilot with the longest flight from the "takeoff' spot wins.

Tin Can Stilt Race
Aloha Council

Players make stilts by running twine or light rope through tomato cans. The players race to a goal on these cans. Make sure rope or twine is long enough for players to hold it comfortably while standing on can.

Shoot the Turkey
Heart of America Council

Equipment: Wire coat hanger, turkeys cut from cardboard and clothespins.

Stretch a wire coat hanger into a diamond shape. Cut turkeys from cardboard. Hang figures from top of coat hanger diamonds with string. Hang coat hangers on stretched cord. Boys shoot the turkeys with clothespins.

Feeding the Turkey
Heart of America Council

Equipment: Blindfold, cup, popped corn and spoon. Boys are in pairs. One boy is blindfolded and holds a cup of popped corn with a spoon. On signal, the feeders feed the partner. The "turkey" gives instructions to the blindfolded feeder. After corn is finished, boys change places.

Ring the Turkey's Neck
Heart of America Council

Equipment: Rubberbands

Call several people up front and give each a rubber band. Tell them to stretch them over their heads, placing the bands on the tips of their noses and under their ears. On signal, they are to work the bands from their noses down around their necks without using their hands.

Turkey Hop
Heart of America Council

Bend the knees deeply and place the hands under the armpits for wings. Move forward by a series of little jumps. Move both feet at the same time. Keep the knees far apart. Land lightly on the toes. Keep the head high. Go across room and fly back. Use as a relay.

Back-To-Back Relay
Trapper Trails Council

Materials: None

The boys are divided into relay teams of two and take their place behind the starting line. The two boys stand back-to-back and link arms so that one will walk forward and the other backward. At the signal, the two pairs head for the goal, when they get there, they reverse direction so that the one who was walking backward is now walking forward. They continue walking until they get back to the starting line to touch off the next two players on the team.

Trapper Trails Council

Materials: Enough tape to give each boy two 6" strips of tape

Have the boys help each other to tape their thumbs and forefingers together, immobilizing both thumbs. Ask them to untie their shoelaces and see who can retie them the fastest. Then give each boy, an orange to peel. Then pair off the boys and have each one try to tie a neckerchief around his partner's neck.

Crab Race
Trapper Trails Council

Materials: Hoops for each four boys

Jam teams of four boys into hula hoops-back to back. Race to a finish line. Boys must keep their hands outside of the hoop as they race.

Underhand Tug-of-War
Trapper Trails Council

Materials: None

Two boys stand back-to-back with a line marked on the floor between them. They bend over, grasp each other's right hand between their legs, and try to pull each other across the line.

Balance Tag
Trapper Trails Council

Materials: None

Have two players start, one is "it" and the other is the runner. Give each a book that he must balance on his head during the chase. This game results in some funny positions!


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