November Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 7, Issue 3

Turn On the Power (Webelos Craftsman & Scientist)



Advancement Ceremony
Sam Houston Area Council

For this ceremony, you will need large cardboard cutouts or drawings of sources of energy/power against back wall. If desired, the cutouts could be supported on a stand and have the awards attached to them. If this method is used, the Cubmaster walks to each picture to get the awards as he speaks.

Cubmaster: (Points to picture of wind.) "Just as the wind blows and creates energy, our Scouts have created energy in working on their advancements. Our Bobcats have worked hard, and deserve our recognition. Would the following Bobcats and their parents please come forward?

(Points to picture of sun.) "The sun heats our earth, and provides solar energy for generators. Our Wolves are also full of energy. They have accomplished many feats to earn their awards. Please help me recognize them for their achievements. Would the following Wolves and their parents please come forward?

(Points to picture of liquid fuel.) Liquid fuel provides the energy to heat our homes, and power our cars and airplanes. This energy has allowed us to travel far, and discover new things we never thought possible. Our Bears are also discovering new things. They have worked to learn new ideas, and deserve our acclaim. Would the following Bears and their parents please come forward?

(Points to picture of electricity.) Electricity has changed the way we live. It provides energy to provide light, cook our food, run our computers and control temperature. Just as electricity changed the way we live, so have our Webelos changed. They have worked on discovering new activities, and learned about working on their own. They are becoming young men, and growing every day. We are proud of their accomplishments, and wish to honor them with their awards. Would the following Webelos and their parents please come forward?

Sometimes our boys seem full of energy. Just as man learned to control energy and create useful power, these boys can use their energy for positive things. Let us commit to helping these boys continue on their path of achievement and become a source of power for others,

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Found this at scout newsgroup faq.

From: Michael Keables <>

Subject: Magic Ideas (chemical magic for ceremonies)


Fellow scouters:

Here are some ideas for using chemical magic in award ceremonies. Most of these ideas came from a recent Pow Wow as well as Roundtable discussions. Hope you find them useful.

Mike Keables

Cubmaster, Pack 632

Littleton, CO USA

Denver Area Council 1994 POW-WOW

October 22, 1994

Magic water test.

Setup: Styrofoam or paper cup (not plastic!) with slush powder ("Aqua-gel", "Joke-gel") in bottom of cup. Approx. 1 teaspoon of powder per 4 ounces of water. Slush powder is available at magic supply stores

and novelty shops (usually in the gag gift section with the pepper gum, plastic vomit, etc.)

Effect: water is poured into a cup and then inverted over the boys' heads without spilling.

Scenario: Final test for boys advancing in rank. Pour water (I use water colored with blue food coloring) into the glass and tell the boys that if they are ready to advance in rank, then the spirit of scouting will protect them in this final test. Turn the cup upside down over the boys' heads.

Variations: have parents hold small cups with gelled water over each boy and have the boys stick a straight pin through the bottom of the cup. Be sure that the cups are held above the sight of the parents as well so that they cannot see the gelled liquid inside.

How it's done: The slush powder causes the water to gel on contact and will not pour/leak from the glass.

Greater St. Louis Area Council

Setting: A group of Scouts stand with flashlights around the awards area. As the ceremony starts, the lights are turned off so the area is lighted with flashlights, as Cubs and their families are called forward to receive awards.

CM: It took a lot of energy to achieve this award. Energy of fathers to supply materials and support, energy of mothers to guide and lead the Cub Scouts, and of course (names of Cub Scouts who are receiving awards) who devoted time and energy to complete the achievements and gain this award, and who decided to use this energy wisely.

Everything worthwhile takes energy. Use your energy wisely.

Pilgrims & Indians
Heart of America Council

Personnel: Cubs are dressed like pilgrims and Cubmaster as an Indian

Pilgrim: The pilgrims came to America so they could worship as they chose. The New World was not easy. Many things had to be learned and endured so they could survive that first year.

Indian: Survive they did, with the help of the Indians. The Red Man showed the pilgrims how to grow corn and how to survive.

Pilgrim: After their first year in the New World, the pilgrims gave thanks and celebrated with a great feast.

Indian: The Indians were invited and came to help celebrate with their paleface brothers. We were different, but the same; we were brothers in this land that became known as America.

Pilgrim: Just as the Pilgrims and Indians gathered, we are here tonight for a celebration. We give thanks for what we have and celebrate the accomplishments of our Cub Scouts. The Pilgrims and Cub Scouts had to work for what they got.

Indian: Our Cubs, like Pilgrims, had to learn new skills and crafts. While the Pilgrims had the friendly Indians to help them, our Cubs have their parents and leaders to help them.

Pilgrim: We have Cub Scouts that have a special reason to celebrate because they have achieved the Bobcat Rank, the first rank in Cub Scouts.

Indian: Will the following Cub Scouts and their parents please come forward to our celebration?

(reads names)

Pilgrim: When the Pilgrims first arrived in the New World, they were like our new Bobcats. They were new and did not know what to expect. They met people that were different from them. The Pilgrims and our Bobcats had faith and the ability to learn. Parents, I have the honor to give you the Bobcat rank so you may present it to your son. (Parents present badges)

Indian: Will the following Cub Scouts and their parents come forward to join our celebration?

(reads names)

Pilgrim: These Cub Scouts are celebrating tonight because they have gone beyond the Bobcat and have earned the Wolf Rank, the second rank in Cub Scouts. These Scouts, like the Pilgrims, soon got to work after they arrived and learned to do many things. Their skills were crude but their faith was strong. Their tests were harder, their accomplishments were greater and their reason for celebrating is larger than when they were Bobcats just starting to learn. Parents, I give to you the Wolf Rank badges for you to present to your sons. (Continue in the same manner for the Bear Rank. The Webelos Advancement badges can be given to the Webelos Leader for him to present to the Webelos.)


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