October Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 7, Issue 2

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BIG IDEA #3 Discover Nature and Energy

York Adams Council

Note to Adults: The goal of these activities is to develop in your child an appreciation of the world around him, and awe for its Creator. Also it will provide the basis for several hobbies and interests that may extend into the future. In addition, several of the activities provide an opportunity to explore energy conservation and to interpret the relationship of one energy source to another. Perhaps most important, you are given the opportunity through this big idea to reinforce your own values about environment, energy, and even spirituality.

Places to Go Things to Do
Denver Area Council

1. Go on a short guided hike at a local nature center.

2. Design and conduct a nature scavenger hunt.

3. Visit your local water treatment plant.

4. Visit a planetarium. Learn about those stars in the sky. Discuss the aerospace program and how close we are to living up there.

5. Go fishing. Release your fish when you are done.

6. If possible, visit a trash-to-energy plant


Ocean in a Bottle

Materials: Clear jar or bottle with secure lid; water; mineral oil; blue food coloring. You may prefer to use a plastic bottle that will not break.

Have each Tiger Cub fill his jar about two-thirds full of water. Add a few drops of blue food coloring. Fill the jar to the top with mineral oil and tightly screw the jar lid. Have each Tiger Cub hold the jar sideways; tipping it gently back and forth to create waves, just like the ocean.

BIG Idea 4 Prepare for Emergencies

Roll in a Blanket
Greater St. Louis Area Council

Equipment: Two old blankets

Divide the boys into two teams and lay blanket on floor in front of first boy.

When the boy hear, "Your clothes are on fire", they drop to the floor and roll up in the blanket as if trying to extinguish flames on his clothes. The boys continue rolling to a certain point, get up, grab blanket, return to the starting line, and lay blanket on floor for the next boy. Continue play until everyone has had a turn. First team to finish wins.

Emergency Food
Greater St. Louis Area Council

Prepare a meal that could be made if there were a disaster. What ingredients should be kept on hand and where?

Discuss the types of disasters that could happen in your area and ways that you can prepare for them.

York Adams Council

Note to Adults: The activities in this big idea are designed to equip your tiger Cub to deal with an emergency when there is no adult present. There are activities that will help him help others. In the expanding world of a first-grade boy, there are times that he is not under the immediate protection of a parent or other trusted adult. His knowledge of emergency procedures will strengthen his self-esteem and self-confidence. Emergencies are not limited to natural disasters. Relationships with other persons can create emergency situations. In this big idea, you can discuss with your Tiger Cub how to react to strangers and persons whose motives are either not known or are unacceptable.

Places to Go Things to Do
Denver Area Council

1. Visit your local fire station.

2. Play make-believe telephone calls to 911. Have the adult partner play the part of the 911 dispatcher while the Tiger provides the information. Remind Tigers that this number is for real emergencies and should never be used for prank calls.

3. Discuss what to do if school is let out early and no one is at home to let you in.

4. Play a skit in which you encounter a stranger that makes you feel uncomfortable. What should you do? How loud can you scream?

5. Review a basic First Aid Kit. Learn what the various items are used for.

6. Visit a Police Station.

7. Have your local Safety officer come to your meeting.

Tiger Cub Ceremony
Northwest Suburban Council

Each Tiger Cub holds a poster with a letter on it. After he shouts his letter, his adult partner reads the statement matching the letter.

T - is for TEAM, the Tiger team, a boy and his adult partner having fun together.

I - is for INTRODUCTION, showing us what Cub Scouts is all about.

G- is for GOOD TIMES, having fun together as a den and with your family.

E - is for EXPLORING, searching out new things to see and do.

R -is for READY, ready for new adventures together as a team.

S - is for SHARING, taking time to talk to each other about the fun things we have done.

Sing together (Tune: Jingle Bells)

Tiger Cubs
We have lots of fun!
Big Ideas for everyone,
That's how it is done.

Learn the promise and the motto,
"Search, Discover, Share."
Oh, what fun it is to be
A Tiger Cub like me!

TC Says
Northwest Suburban Council

This is like "Simon Says", but with a Tiger twist. Follow the directions and do what "TC Says". For example -- growl like a tiger, paw at the ground, leap up and down.

Do not play this as an 'elimination' game. It's no fun for the boys who make mistakes early in the game. Instead, divide the Tiger teams into two groups, with each group on opposite sides of the room. If someone makes a mistake, instead of eliminating him, have him join the group on the other side of the room. The object of the game is to be on the same side of the room as the other members of your Tiger team when the game is over.


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