October Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 7, Issue 2

Our Gifts and Talents (Webelos Showman & Citizen)



Washington's Farewell
Greater St. Louis Area Council

It is announced that a member of the pack has memorized Washington's Farewell Address and is about to do a dramatic portrayal of it. A boy emerges dressed as Washington and delivers his farewell address, "Bye Mom!"

Clarence Slept Here
York Adams Council

Cast: 2 Cubs, Mother, other children (in the family)

Setting: 2 boys playing Nintendo

1st Cub: Clarence, I hear something. Is it raining?

2nd Cub: Sure is,

1st Cub: When you came over there wasn't a cloud in the sky.

2nd Cub: Sure wasn't

1st Cub: Wow! Look out the window! It's raining cats and dogs!

2nd Cub: Sure is.

Mother: Clarence, I can't let you go home in this storm. You'll catch your death of cold.

1st Cub: Mom, can Clarence sleep over? Huh, can he? Please?

Mother: Sure he can. But you come upstairs with me first and get your room straightened up.

[Mother and 1st Cub leave to go upstairs talking between themselves. Clarence leaves in another direction. Mother comes back and calls for Clarence.]

Mother: Clarence, I've got your bed ready ... Clarence? Clarence, Where are you? [Clarence comes in dripping wet]

Clarence! You're soaking wet! Where have you been?

2nd Cub: (panting) I ran home , to get , my pajamas.

Greater Cleveland Council
Pow Wow 1993

A Fun Skit
York Adams Council


  • Captain
  • William Tell
  • Mr. Topsy Turvey And Two Assistants
  • Mr. Horseradish
  • Mr. Limburger
  • Steward.

Props: a dust cloth, apple, bow, rope, umbrella, comic books, white handkerchief

Setting: As the skit begins, the STEWART enters carrying a dust cloth, which he uses to clean throughout the audience.

Captain: Welcome aboard the Mississippi's fastest steamboat. To make your journey more pleasant tonight, we are happy to present the J. M. Jellyboree. You all know what a Jellyboree is, don't you? It's the same as a jamboree, but a little shaky in spots.

Our first guest is the greatest archer of all times, who will present his famous apple trick before our very eyes, Mr. William Tell.

[William Tell enters without his son.]

Captain: Where's your son?

[Tell whispers to the captain, while his gestures show the ill fate of his son.]

Captain: Will anyone volunteer? No?

[Captain places the apple on his head. Tell steps off ten paces, turns and discovers that his bow string is loose. As he adjusts it, the captain eats the apple. Tell stomps off the stage.]

Captain: Did you ever see anyone more impatient? Now, all the way from Turkey to do his daring tightrope act, we have Mr. Topsy Turvey.

[Mr. Topsey Turvey enters carrying an umbrella. Two assistants carrying a rope follow him. They stretch the rope out between themselves at shoulder height. Mr. T. gestures "too high." They lower it, first to their waists (still too high), then their knees (still too high), and finally to the floor (where it is "just right"). Mr. T. walks the rope and performs stunts of a high-wire walker.]

Captain: Now for our final act, featuring the world's strongest men, Mr. Limburger and Mr. Horseradish, who will show their most remarkable feats of strength.

[Mr. Limburger and Mr. Horseradish appear, flex their muscles, and toss the captain a white handkerchief. Immediately they begin to perform various acrobatic stunts. (For example, one lies on his back and, with his feet, balances the other.) After each stunt, the captain hands them the handkerchief, which they use to wipe their brows, forearms, and hands.]

Captain: And now Mr. L. and Mr. H. give you their death-defying spring.

[One strongman takes position with his hands interlocked as if he were going to help the other do a double somersault. The other backs off and starts to run toward the first but stops in front of him to adjust his head. He repeats this action a couple more times (building up the suspense) and the third time he grabs the first man's forearms, spreading them to form a human chair. The steward, who is standing nearby, jumps into the chair and is carried off waving his dust cloth.]

Captain: Well folks, that's showboat business!



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