October Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 7, Issue 2

Our Gifts and Talents (Webelos Showman & Citizen)



Twelve New Things
Greater St. Louis Area Council

Arrangements: Have the large cardboard badges with stands for each. Start with all laying flat and set each one up in turn.

Tiger: My adult partner and I are having fun learning about the world around us and Cub Scouts. We enjoy the motto Search, Discover and Share. I am a Tiger.

Bobcat: I have learned five new things. I can give the Cub Scout Promise and the Law of the Pack. I know what Webelos means. I promise to do my best. I am a Bobcat.

Wolf: I have learned twelve new things. I grew physically and spiritually. I developed habits and attitudes of good citizenship. As I grew in mind and body, I also grew within my family. I learned to get along with others and gained a sense of personal achievement. It is fun being helpful and doing your best. I am a Wolf.

Bear: I too have learned 12 new things. They required more skill and effort, but were fun and interesting. Many of the things I learned were preparing me to be a Boy Scout. The electives started giving me ideas about hobbies I might want to pursue in life. I am a Bear.

Webelos: I am learning and understanding the requirements to become a Boy Scout. The Scout Oath and the Scout Law, and the parts of the Scout badge. I am learning about the outdoors through activities and the outdoor code. I have earned three activity pins. I am a Webelos.

Arrow Of Light: I too am learning about the requirements to become a Boy Scout. I can repeat from memory the Scout Oath and Scout Law. I have earned four more activity pins. I have visited a troop meeting and talked with the Scoutmaster. I have been on an overnight campout. I have attained the highest award in Cub Scouting. I am the Arrow Of Light.

Cub Scout "Oscars"
Denver Area Council

Have an area set up like a night at the "Oscars". Have a stage, if possible. Movie music should be playing in the background. Cubs should be dressed as movie characters. Cubmaster: Welcome to Cub Scout's Oscar night. We hope you enjoyed the pre-opening, we congratulate the winners. Tonight we will take a look at many favorite movies and songs of the past and present. Along the way, we win be presenting many "Oscars." As the Oscar is the symbol of high achievement in the movie industry, our badges and awards represent such achievements in Scouting. Every boy here tonight is a winner merely because he follows the Cub Scout Motto of "Do Your Best." Please rise for the Pledge of Allegiance, then join me in singing a favorite show tune.

Opening Ceremony
Trapper Trails Council

Preparation-6 signs with a big question mark on the front need 6 boys

Boy l-Imagine what the world would be like without Cub Scouts.

Boy 2-Imagine what the world would be like without gravity.

Boy 3-Imagine what life would be in the future.

Boy 4-Imagine what the world would be like without cars and trucks.

Boy 5-Imagine what the world would be like without computers.

Boy 6-Imagine what the United States would be like without our freedom? (Pause for a minute for reflection) Please join me in pledging allegiance to that freedom.

Ten Needs of a Boy
Greater St. Louis Area Council

  1. To Climb a mountain and look afar.
  2. To sit around an embered campfire with good friends.
  3. To test his strength and his skills on his very own.
  4. To be alone with his own thought and with his God.
  5. To be ready to reach out and find the hand of an understanding man ready and willing to help.
  6. To have a code to live by, easily understood.
  7. A chance to play hard just for the fun of it, and to work hard for the thrill of it.
  8. To have a chance to fail, and know why.
  9. To have and to be a good friend and have a chance to prove both.
  10. To have a hero, and a vision to measure by.

Candlelight Is A Sign Of Welcome
York Adams Council

Personnel: Akela, four Scouts.

Equipment: Six candles, log or ceremony board.

Akela: Candlelight is a sign of welcome, warmth, love and joy. All over the world people use lighted candles for celebrating special occasions. On this special occasion, we too, will use candlelight. Let the candles we light represent the Spirit of Scouting and our bond with one another.

Cub #1: I am lighting this candle for Courtesy. A Scout is courteous. He is courteous to his elders, friends, teachers, and especially to other members of his family.

Cub #2: I am lighting this candle for Unity. When a boy joins a Pack, he becomes a member of a Den. When a boy crosses over and joins a Troop, he becomes a member of a Patrol. He does not work alone, but in the company of other young men. He learns to get along with others.

Cub #3: I am lighting this candle for Bravery. A Scout is courageous enough to stand up for things he knows to be right and honest, thereby making the world a better place to live.

Cub #4: I am lighting this candle for Service. A boy not only does service to himself while he is in Scouting, but he also serves others. He helps spread goodwill.

Akela: Men and times change, but principles never do. Tonight we celebrate the principles upon which Scouting was founded. These two candles, which I now light, signify the bridge we are crossing, the past with the present and the present with the future. What better way to explore the future than through Scouting.

York Adams Council

Setting: Each boy walks on in turn holding a card with a letter on it, says his part and then stands in line.

A - is for Always do your best

M - is for Make the pack go!

E - is for Eveready to give good will!

T - is for Takes time to serve others!

C - is for Cub Scout Spirit!

E - is for Enthusiastic!

I - is for Integrity and ingenuity!

V - is for Very dependable!

N is for Never gives up!

E - is for Eats, always!

H - is for Having fun!

Boys: Put them all together, and what have you got? (Boys rearrange themselves in correct order to spell achievement) You've got what a Cub Scout can do, and that's quite a lot!

York Adams Council

I CAN - stand tall, in my heritage and believe fully in America!

I CAN - strive for the highest pinnacle, or any other spot I so choose, it is my decision, to be freely arrived at!

I CAN - worship at the church of my choice...read whatever books, articles, or newspapers I choose, select my own home, friends, job and associates!

I CAN - sleep peacefully, free from the fear of midnight persecution, secure in the protection of my rights!

I CAN - fail as well as succeed... this is true freedom!

I CAN - shape my own destiny... have my visions realized, achieve anything I really believe I can!

I CAN - fail and still be counted a man, gain strength and experience through mistakes, lose it all, and start over again as many times as my spirit is willing, until my dreams are reality!

I CAN - grow as large as my dreams can grow me, be as big as I am willing to pay the price to become!

I CAN - own my own home, start a business, invest in my future, climb to the stars by building my own staircase!

I CAN - compete and receive in direct proportion to my efforts, thank others for assistance in my success, but look only to myself for my failures!

I CAN - raise my family in freedom, and freely change homes, jobs, friends, tastes, location, vocation, and avocation, but, most importantly, I can change myself!

I CAN - because I am an American!



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