October Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 7, Issue 2

Our Talents and Gifts (Webelos Showman & Citizen)



Witches Cackle
Greater St. Louis Area Council

One player is chosen to be it. He leaves the room, while the other boys choose a witch. The boys sit down in a half circle. The player who is it comes back into the circle. The 'witch' cackles. The player turns around and tries to guess who is the witch. If he guesses wrong, all the players cackle. Continue until the player guesses the witch or limit the guesses to three, then change players.

Rainy Day Racquetball
Denver Area Council

A rousing game of balloon racquetball will brighten up a rainy afternoon - or any afternoon! Make the racquet by bending a wire clothes hanger into a circle. Slip the wire circle into one leg of a pair of pantyhose. Tie off the pantyhose at both ends of the circle. Cut off extra stocking. Flattening the hook of the hanger makes the handle. Cover the handle with masking tape. Make a comfortable grip by building up with strips of cloth or paper, then finish off by wrapping smoothly with tape. After making two racquets, blow up some round balloons, find a partner and have a ball!

Twenty Questions
Denver Area Council

You will need one pencil and one piece of paper. Cut the paper into small pieces and write the name of a famous movie star, dancer, singer, director, etc. on each piece of paper. Sit in a circle and let the boys try to figure out the name on the paper by asking questions. The questions can only be answered with yes or no. If, after asking twenty questions, the boys still don't know who it is, you win. You then show them the name on the paper. If the boys guess who the person is within twenty questions, the boy who guesses gets the point and it becomes his turn to pick someone for the others to guess. Some good questions to start with are; Is it a man? Is he alive? Is he an American?

Denver Area Council

The boys can do many variations of this game. The most popular is to choose either a movie, a book, or a TV show. The player chooses his subject and without using his voice at all tries to get the other players to figure out what movie, etc. it is. The boy may give clues to his fellow Cubs by making a symbol to represent a movie, a book, or a TV show. He can also hold up one finger or two or three or more if needed, to show which word in the title he is trying to get the boys to guess. He then uses actions to get them to figure what the title is. The first boy to correctly guess the title gets to go next.

Contact the Stars
Denver Area Council

Cut out ten 2-inch stars from construction paper. Have enough straws for each boy to have one. Time each boy by telling him when to start and stop (thirty seconds works well) and then have him "suck" up a star through his straw and transport it to a waiting bowl. The winner is the person who has sucked up the most stars in the planned time. If a boy gets part way to the bowl and drops his star he must continue from where he drops it.

Table Tennis Football
York Adams Council

Divide the den into 2 teams. Mark goal lines at both ends of the room or playing area. Players get on their hands and knees in the center of the room and face their opponents' goal line. The leader drops a tennis ball into the center, and both teams try to blow it over their opponents' line. Only blowing is allowed; if the ball touches any part of a player's body, the other team gets a free blow at the spot of the foul.

Flag Tag
York Adams Council

Give each player 2 flags--1"X16" strips of cloth, vinyl, or leather. The players loop their flags over their belts along the trouser outside seams, with only 1" behind the belt. On signal, each player tries to grab the others' flags while protecting his own. The winner could be the one who captures the most flags.



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