September Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 7, Issue 1

Pockets (Webelos Communicator & Citizen)



Mt. Diablo Silverado Council

Ideas for Den Meetings

  • Discuss the meaning of the Pledge of Allegiance
  • Visit a historic site in or near your community, learn your state's bird, tree, flower and flag, or take part in a Veteran's Day ceremony in your community. Take photos and prepare a report for the pack meeting.
  • Make a pack meeting display of magazine pictures of places of historical interest or great beauty in America.
  • Using cardstock, weight paper, make door hangers with messages for people to vote. The day before the election, take the boys around their neighborhood to hang the reminders on their neighbors' doorknobs.

Citizenship Pledge
Mt. Diablo Silverado Council

"As citizens of the world, we will do our best to be prepared in body and will, in spirit and skill. We accept our obligation to God and will show by our actions we're

willing to serve others and be good members of the Scouting team.

Citizenship Through Service
Mt. Diablo Silverado Council

One way to make this activity badge come alive is to get involved. A good citizen gets involved where he lives. Your involvement can start at any age and it can be almost any useful act. Now is a good time to plan a citizenship project for your Webelos den.

Here are some ideas: Clean up a park with the whole gang, or clean up the grounds of your sponsor's building, or a roadside. Collect waste material for recycling. Provide a party or recreational equipment for a children's home. Enter your den in a parade at the end and bring recycling bins to pick up the bottles and cans.

There are hundreds of ways that your Webelos den can become involved in a community service project. The boys will have some good ideas of their own. Be sure that the project is well planned and thought out before you begin. Then share with the boys that warm feeling of citizenship of service.

U.S. Pledge of Allegiance
Mt. Diablo Silverado Council

The Pledge of Allegiance first appeared in the September 8, 1892, issue of "Youth's Companion." Its authorship was disputed between James B. Upham, an editor with the magazine, and Francis Bellamy, a Baptist minister from Rome, New York, who was also on the staff. In 1939, a committee of the U.S. Flag Association ruled that Bellamy was the author. The words "The Flag of the United States of America" were substituted for "my flag" in 1923, and the phrase "under God" was added in 1954, upon passage of a joint House-Senate resolution.

According to the Encyclopedia Americana, "Use of the pledge quickly spread throughout the public school systems of the country. Many states made it obligatory part of the daily school ritual. When children of certain religious minorities refused, on religious grounds, to swear allegiance to a material object, they were expelled from school." The U.S. Supreme Court initially ruled that states were justified in requiring the pledge, but it reversed that decision in 1943, in the case of the West Virginia State Board of Education v. Barnette.

Your Rights as a Citizen
PowWow '97

The following is a partial list of some of the qualities of a citizen and some of the right and duties of a citizen.

The right to equal protection under the law and equal justice in court.
The right to be free from arbitrary arrest or search.
The right to equal education and economic opportunity
The right to select public offices in free elections.
The right to own property.
The right to free speech, press, and assembly,

The right of religious freedom.
The right to have a lawyer and a speedy court trial if accused of a crime.

Your Duties as a Citizen
PowWow '97

If you are going to have rights as a citizen and you want to keep them, then you also have certain duties that you must take care of. Your duties as a citizen are:

Obey the laws.

Respect the rights of others.

Keep informed on issues of National and local government.

To vote in elections.

To serve and defend your country.

To assist the agencies of law enforcement.

To practice and teach good citizenship in our home.

Den Activities
Powwow '97

Discuss requirement of Badge with boys. Decide on a good turn for the school, church or community and plan how to carry it out. Perhaps the den will want to involve the whole pack in their good turn, so that all the boys will be included in the excitement and regarding feeling of doing something for others.

Make log books for boys to record their work on the badge.

Plan a special good turn for the next pack meeting, such as setting up chairs, ushering, cleanup etc.

Visit a local city government agency. Find out how it works, what services it provides, how it affects you and your family.

A campaign against litter is a "must" for good citizenship. Discuss how your den can carry on such a campaign and do it. This could include making posters for display, litter clean up, making litterbags, a fight against pollution, and collecting items for recycling.

Discuss the various organizations in the community, which help people. How are they financed and run? Do they use volunteer help?

Attend a naturalization ceremony.

Observe the voting process.

Visit a city council meeting or school board meeting.

Remind people to fly the flag.

Invite a new citizen to speak to your den on what becoming an American citizen means to him

Visit a court. Ask the judge to speak to the boys about citizenship. Acquaint boys with the court procedure.

Visit police and/or fire department.

Learn more about our community from the Chamber of Commerce.

Discuss difference between the rights and duties of a citizen.

Know Your Community
Pow wow '97

As a project your den might like to check out the following list to see which of the things listed can be found in their community who operates them and how they are paid for.

Health -- hospitals, clinical doctors, dentist, ambulance service, water filtration plant, sewage disposals garbage collection

Protection -- storm sewers, fire and police protection

Recreation -- theaters, pools, park playgrounds, golf courses, lakes

Education -- public schools, high schools, colleges, night schools, vocational schools, libraries

Transportation -- roads, highways, bus terminals, train stations, airports, parking lots, garages, service stations, car lots

Stores -- shopping centers, supermarkets, corner stores, appliance stores, markets

Business -- what major companies are there in your community

Industrial -- what items are manufactured

Agriculture -- what products are produced locally

Voluntary Agencies -- what agencies are there: What do they do in the community?

Organizations and Clubs -- service? Fraternal? Hobby

Religion -- churches, synagogues, temples, halls, seminaries

A Good Citizen Knows
Powwow '97


1. If you meet the President, you call him:
A. Your Highness
B. Your Excellency
C. Mr. President

2. The President and his family live in:
A. Blair House
B. The White House
C. The Suburbs

3. The first President to live in the White House was:
A. John Adams
B. George Washington
C. Thomas Jefferson

4. We celebrate birthdays of two Presidents in February, they are
A. Washington and Lincoln
B. Jefferson and Adams
C. T. Roosevelt and F. D. Roosevelt

5. During the War of 1812, when Madison was President, this famous song was written:
A. The Battle Hymn of the Republic
B. God Bless America
C. The Star Spangled Banner

6. Twenty-seven Presidents have studied:
A. Flying
B. Law
C. Astronomy

7. The two big political parties today are:
A. Republicans and Democrats
B. Federalists and Whigs
C. Conservatives and Liberals

8. The U.S. National Anthem was written by:
A. George Washington
B. Francis Scott Key
C. Benjamin Franklin

9. The law says Presidential elections must be held on:
A. The first Monday in October
B. Halloween
C. The first Tuesday in November


1. We hold presidential elections every:
A. Two years
B. Four years
C. Six years

2. The United States is made up of:
A. 13 States
B. 37 States
C. 50 States

3. The parties pick their Presidential candidates in:
A. Presidential primaries
B. National nominating conventions
C. By secret vote

4. If a president dies in office, the next president is:
A. The Vice-President
B. Elected by the people
C. The oldest Senator

5. If you want to run for President, you should:
A. Go jogging
B. Take a nap
C. Make speeches

6. The only man to be elected four times was:
A. Abraham Lincoln
B. Franklin Delano Roosevelt
C. Ulysses S. Grant

7. The President's wife is called:
A. The First Lady
B. The Queen
C. Mrs. President
8. The U.S. Flag's stripes are colored:
A. 6 red and 7 white
B. 7 red and 6 white
C. 6 red and 6 white

9. When the flag is properly folded, the U.S. Flag should be shaped like:
A. A circle
B. A square
C. A triangle

Patriotic Wall Plaque
Powwow '97

Using a copy of the Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights or the Gettysburg Address make a wall plaque by mounting one of these on 1/48 plywood shaped into the design of a scroll. Make your scroll slightly larger than your copy. Finish plywood by sanding, staining a natural color and varnishing -- or leave the wood grain and color show through by eliminating stain and just finishing with varnish.


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