September Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 7, Issue 1

Pockets (Webelos Communicator & Citizen)



A Yummy Puzzler
Northwest Suburban Council


The contents of a man's pockets are displayed. Players must deduce his age profession, and interest in recent activities.

  1. Greasy digits ____________________
  2. A baseball player ____________________
  3. A sarcastic laugh ____________________
  4. One of Charlie Brown's girlfriends ____________________
  5. A long run ____________________
  6. A planet ____________________
  7. Overweight ____________________
  8. An author ____________________
  9. A big mass of stars ____________________
  10. What a worker looks forward to ____________________
  11. Small Hills
  12. The number before one ____________________
  13. A famous trio of men
  14. Definition of an object you can't identify ____________________
  15. Mountain tops ____________________
  16. The terminology of a body builder ____________________
  17. The elite street in New York ____________________
  18. A large sum of money ____________________
  19. Pooh's favorite ____________________
  20. A little laugh ____________________
  21. A lazy cow ____________________
  22. Feline nickname ____________________
  23. Opposite of bad and few ____________________
  24. Tumbling girl ____________________
  25. Lazy Cowboy ____________________
  26. African monkey parts ____________________

A Yummy Puzzler Answers

1. Butterfinger 2. Baby Ruth 3. Snicker 4. Peppermint Patty 5. Marathon 6 Mars 7. Chunky 8. O'Henry
9. Milky Way 10. Pay Day 11. Mounds 12. Zero
13. Three Musketeers 14. Whatchamacallit
15. Snow Cap 16. Crunch 17. Fifth Avenue
18. 100 Grand 19. Bit-O-Honey 20. Chuckle
21.Milk Dud 22. Kit Kat 23. Good 'n Plenty
24. Tootsie Roll 25. Slowpoke 26. Reese's Pieces

Spell Pocket
Denver Area Council

On a sheet of paper, spell out the word 'pocket'. Using these letters, have everyone list items that you find in a pocket.


P: paper, ping pong balls, pencils, etc.

O: old candy papers, odd buttons, etc.

C: candy, cards, etc.

K: keys, kite string, etc.

E: envelopes, egg, etc.

T: trucks, tinker toys, etc.

Guessing Game
Northwest Suburban Council

Equipment: 5 small coins or buttons for each person

Each person is given 5 small coins or buttons and places them in their pocket. Divide into pairs and stand facing each other. Then each pair puts their hands into their pockets simultaneously and brings out so many of the coins or buttons. Placing their fists in front of each other, they must guess how many objects they have between them. The one nearest the correct number goes into the next round, and so on until you find an eventual winner.

Clothespin Mixer
Northwest Suburban Council

Equipment: Clip-on clothespins - 3 or 4 for each person

Give everyone 3 or 4 clothespins. Tell them that the object of the game is to get rid of their clothespins without having anyone else pin THEIR clothespins on them. With everybody trying to get rid of his or her clothespins at the same time, as fast as possible, this is a rowdy and fun way to start a meeting.

Trapper Trails Council

For a gathering activity, print onto cards several tasks to be done in order around the yard. These things could relate to the Achievement you're working on this week. There could be exercises to do, say the Cub Scout Promise to a leader, go find 5 green things, run around the tree and back, etc. Or the chart could hold the agenda for the day with assignments of who will help do uniform inspection, or flag ceremony, etc.



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