September Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 7, Issue 1

Pockets (Webelos Communicator & Citizen)



Pocket Kim's Game
York Adams Council

For Pocket Kim's Game, have the boys empty their pockets on the table. If there aren't enough things on the table, have some pocket items to add; if there are too many, give back some of the repeat items. Give the boys a few minutes to study the collection and then cover them. Give each one a sheet to write out whatever he can remember. (Or, you can split the Den into teams and let them go after it that way.)

Pocket Tag
York Adams Council

This one is regular tag except the boys have to run with one hand in a back pocket (or if it seems too easy and can be done safely, two hands!).

Pocket Billiards
York Adams Council

Have the boys play pocket billiards. What, you don't have a billiards table or you don't care to have 8 to 10 rambunctious boys clowning around on the $5000 table in the Billiard Room? Well don't worry about it. This is easy. Set up the general outline of the table on the floor (rug or hard floor) using scrap 1X2 and make pockets in the corners and sides (openings with paper cups taped to them). Have the boys use ping-pong balls (of different colors) to play.

Make A Game
Trapper Trails Council

Gather pockets from discarded trousers or jeans. The boys can help fill them with beans to make beanbags to be used for lots of games. Cut the top/side off a 1-gal.plastic-milkjug, but leave the handle attached. Each boy has a jug. Use the jugs to toss and catch the beanbags without touching them, a pocket to catch a pocket. It's like the "Jai-Alai" game from South America.



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