August Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 6, Issue 12

Toughen Up (Webelos Naturalist & Forester)



Shrinking Oil Skit
Viking Council

Two boys are talking about muscle building. One, proudly posing and flexing, is asked by the other how he developed such a great body. The first boy tells him the secret is to rub down with oil every night. The second boy decides that this is a good idea.

The next day both enter, with the second boy crawling on his knees. "I shrank!" he exclaims, "I thought you said it would work!"

Well, it does work for me. What kind of oil did you use?"


No wonder you shrank, that's shortening!"

Happiness Is - Misery Is

Cast: 2 to 8 Cub Scouts, or more, (Cubs alternate; first boy says: "Happiness Is" second boy says : "Misery Is"

Props: Hold up cards or cardboard cutouts (painted) of smiling and sad faces that boys can make themselves.

1st Cub: Happiness Is, Hearing your Dad has won an all expense paid trip to Hawaii.

2nd Cub: Misery Is...when you find out that the trip is for two and you have to stay home with a baby-sitter.
1st Cub: Happiness Is...When your Dad drives you to school in his brand new car and all your friends are there to see you.

2nd Cub: Misery Is, When you get out and the door falls off and lands on your toes.
1st Cub: Happiness Is, When your Mom takes you and your friends for a ride in her new convertible with the top down.

2nd Cub: Misery Is, When it starts to rain cats and dogs and the top won't go up.

1st Cub: Happiness Is, When you're flying in outer space in a big space ship and you are in command.

2nd Cub: Misery Is, Waking up with a big headache after you've fallen out of bed from the top bunk.
1st Cub: Happiness Is, Getting a to do it yourself - build your own motorcycle kit and your Dad is going to help you put it together.

2nd Cub: Misery Is, Opening the box and finding the instructions written in Japanese.
1st Cub:Happiness Is, Getting a bike for your birthday.

2nd Cub: Misery Is, When you find it has three wheels.

Otetiana Council

Greater Cleveland Council

Cast: Doctor, Patient (Add extras according to the number of boys in den)

Setting: Doctor's office

Doctor: Good morning Mr. Smith

Mr. Smith: (Bending over in pain.) Oh,Oh,.this pain!

Doctor: Where does it seem to be?

Mr. Smith: In my back. I can't straighten up.

Doctor: When did the pain start?

Mr. Smith: This morning when I was getting dressed.

(At this point the Doctor examines Mr. Smith. He can call in other specialists to look at Mr. Smith too.)

Doctor: (Bending over and doing something to patients legs.) There now, try to straighten up.

Mr. Smith:(Flashing a big smile.) Doctor! My pain is all gone! It's a miracle!

Doctor: Of course it has, your suspenders were fastened to your socks.

Pow Wow 1993

Muscle Building Champs
York Adams Council

Cast: 6 boys in uniform holding props as described below.

Setting: All boys come on stage and one at a time step forward and speak their lines.

All: We all excel in building muscles
We're champs at that, you see.
Just listen to our stories

And we re sure you will agree.

1st Cub: I hold the title of strongest in my den
Do you suppose it's because of my friend?
(Holds up toy skunk. Other boys hold their noses.)

2nd Cub: I'm known as the den's muscle man this year,
Most of my muscle is between my ears.
(Pulls out small hat from behind his back and tries desperately to fit it on his head.)

3rd Cub: I hold the title of fastest of all,
I'm first in line for the chow basket call.
(Pulls out bag of cookies and begins eating.)

4th Cub: I'm known as the champion of the high jump,
One time I missed and got a big lump.
(Rubs head, with painful expression on face.)

5th Cub: To keep in shape, I exercise each day,
I wonder why my muscles turned out this way.
(Removes sweatshirt to show colorful padding on arms and legs.)

6th Cub: I'm the champ at making things disappear, you see,
Watch us all disappear, as I count to three.

(He counts slowly 1-2-3 as curtain closes.)

Torrey Pines Pow Wow '74

The Annual Physical
York Adams Council

Characters: Doctor - wearing white shirt backwards and cardboard headband that has foil circle attached. 5 Cubs - wearing shorts and cub tee shirts and bandages where indicated in skit

Setting: Doctor is sitting at his desk that has large "DOCTOR IS IN" sign. On desk are large medicine bottle, cardboard picture of ribcage (or real x-ray), pencil and index cards. Desk is at center stage with 5 chairs placed near it. Patients enter together jogging and flexing their muscles.

Patient 1: (To others) Well today is the day for our annual physicals. As Cub Scouts we should stay in good physical shape.

Doctor: Come in, come in. Please sit down.

Cub 2: Sorry we're late doctor.

Doctor: Doesn't your watch tell time?

Cub 2: Oh no, I have to look at it.

Doctor: (To all) Now, let's check your sense of balance. Lift your left foot. (They lift left feet.) And now your right foot. (They lift their right feet.) Okay, and now both. (Cubs try this.) HMMMM (rubbing chin) Now tell me, do you have any special problems?

Cub 3: (Holding up x-ray) I'm worried because I swallowed a roll of film at our last Den Meeting.

Doctor: Don't worry. I'm sure nothing will develop. Next?

Cub 4: (Holding up bandaged finger) Tell me doctor, will I be able to play the piano when my finger gets better?

Doctor: (Looking at finger) Of course, of course.

Cub 4: Great! I never could play before.

Doctor: (To Cub 5) I see you look a little thinner.

Cub 5: Yes. I've been exercising regularly. This morning I touched the floor without bending my knees.

Doctor: Excellent! How did you do that?

Cub 5: I fell out of bed.


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