August Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 6, Issue 12

Toughen Up (Webelos Naturalist & Forester)



The Athlete
(Tune: How Dry I Am)
Sam Houston Area Council

A body fit
And feet so fleet
Here comes the winner
The Athlete.

The Athlete
(Tune: My Bonnie)
Sam Houston Area Council

They gave me a suit and num-ber
And sent me out on the field.
Then gave me a ball called the pigskin,
And shoes with some cleats, toe and heel.


Mus-cles, cra-mps
Wracking my body with pain, with pain,
I stand, wonder-ing
If ever I'll do this again!

Next time they gave me a racquet,
Then sent me out on the court,
Fun-ny the things you encounter,
While trying to lea-arn a sport


The or-deal was finally over,
At least -that's wh-at I thought,
When they showed me the soccer equipment,
I fainted dead on the spot!


Mark Kraynak, Cubmaster of Pack 680 sent this song as a submission for Baloo's Bugle. After reading through the song I wrote Mark telling him that basically I wasn't to fond of the Couch potato part, but I wasn't a youngster anymore either. Let's face it, sometimes the fun scale weighs differently for an adult. The following is what he wrote about the song , and made me realize what a learning tool this song can be.

I'm not really crazy about the couch potato reference either, but I'm hopeful that by mentioning the following whenever the song is sung, eventually the boys will realize that being called a couch potato is not really cool, or a good thing. Even mentioning Pokemon is a little risky, since I believe that for the most part it's a waste of time and takes away from time spent on scouting and other real learning and productive activity.

But there's reality in the song too - Pokemon is a wide spread craze among these kids; they kind of have their own language and virtual worlds to live in. All video games these days I think are the antithesis of what scouting is about, but because the wave potends to be even more prevalent in the future, I think the best thing to do is to look the "enemy" in the eye and find a way to deal with it, rather than trying to pretend it doesn't exist as some people (I don't mean you) may want to do.

The boys love singing the song and insist on singing it twice so that each side can sing the Pokemon words (does that mean Pokemon is winning the war right now?). While we were at a campfire recently singing the song, one boy indicated he'd rather be singing the Pokemon parts of the song. I replied "so you want to go home and play Nintendo right now?" and his silence and continued presence and enthusiasm at the campfire was the unspoken answer; he'd made a good choice.

I realize that the content of the song is a bit controversial; as you can see, even I'm somewhat torn, and I'm the author!!! But it is thought provoking, and I appreciate your comments especially since it's given me a chance to crystallize my own thoughts.

Also as Cubmaster of Pack 680 the boys must not bring handheld electronic games or the related trading cards to any den or pack meeting or activity. Mark Kraynak, CM PACK 680

(Tune of "Green Acres")

Six - eighty is the Pack for me,
Saint Louis is the place to be,
Fun spreadin' out so far and wide
Make it happen, just give me the scouting life

Pokemon is what I'd rather play
A couch potato is what I'd rather stay
I just adore Pikachu
Scouting I love you but I love Nintendo too

("Kazoo crew" plays the riffs)

Bulbasaur! S'Mores!
Machamp! Let's camp!

Go take a hike!
That's what I like!
Six - eighty we are here!

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