August Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 6, Issue 12

Toughen Up (Webelos Naturalist & Forester)



Muscle Building
York Adams Council

Arrangement: Seven boys come on stage, carrying various kinds of muscle-building equipment. They use the equipment and in turn, speak the line below.

1st Cub: To keep your body strong and healthy, is more valuable than being wealthy.

2nd Cub: When you are fit, you feel so good, and try to do the things you should.

3rd Cub: It helps you lend a helping hand, to needy folks around our land.

4th Cub: Eating the right food is always wise, and everyone needs some exercise.

5th Cub: Stand on tip toes, one, two, three, touch your toes, don't bend a knee.

6th Cub: Run a while, then slow your pace, practice will help you win the race.

7th Cub: Scouting builds young boys into men, and this is where it all begins.

This can be followed by the Pledge of Allegiance or Cub Scout Promise and Oath.

Step Over
York Adams Council

Personnel: Three Cub Scouts, one dressed neatly and the other two dressed sloppily and looking tired and bored.

Cub #1: (Drags himself on stage, looking tired, bored and meets the sharply dressed Cub. #2) Say, am I ever tired. I wish I could be in shape. I'm so weak I don't know what to do.

Cub #2: I have something that will get you into shape physically and mentally. Take the first step into my program and into shape by stepping over the line.

Cub #1: (Steps over the line, and becomes alert, bright and athletic)

Cub #3: (Walks in dragging, tired and meets #1 and #2.) I'm so bored. I have done everything there is and nothing is left. I miss the challenges.

Cub #2: I have something that will challenge you, train you, coach you and develop you both physically and mentally. Just step over the line.

Cub #3: (Steps over the line and becomes bright, alert and athletic)

Cub #1 and #3 (TOGETHER) What is this program we stepped into that gives us this energy, strength and really challenges us?

Cub #2: It's, it's, it's (hold up a sign that reads "Cub Scouting") Cub Scouting!!!

Opening Ceremony
Trapper Trails

Preparation: Each boy needs to have muscles added under his shirt (done with balloons.) Each boy needs a set of barbells-made with black balloons and dowels. Mark one balloon for each boy to pop and read a message put inside the balloon. Or if you have a white marker, you could put message on the black balloons.
Play fanfare as the boys come on stage, they could be preceded by someone carrying a fake torch. Six boys are needed for this simple ceremony:

1. A Cub Scout does his best
2. A Cub Scout helps other people
3. A Cub Scout follows Akela
4. This makes him tough.
5. A Cub Scout honors his country
6. Please join me in saying the Pledge of Allegiance


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