August Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 6, Issue 12

Toughen Up (Webelos Naturalist & Forester)



Footprints Relay
Trapper Trails Council

Using heavy cardboard, cut out footprints 15" long and 8" wide. Two footprints are needed per person or team. Play game as a physical skill (let's see if you can do it) or as a competition (2 or 3 teams as a relay race at a set distance). Place both footprints one in front of the other. Step on the first with one foot and on the second with the other foot. Now lift rear foot. Pick up footprint and move it ahead. Move lifted foot into new position. Do the same with the other foot and continue, step by step to finish line.

Travel Relay
Trapper Trails Council

Line up in relay position. Obstacles are places in the way at 12-foot intervals. A tree, a mountain, a river, and another tree are the obstacles. (A boy stands for the first tree, another one bends over as in leapfrog for the mountain, two lines are drawn for the river, and another boy for the last tree which is the turning point.) The players must run to the RIGHT of the first tree. LEAP over the mountain, JUMP across the river, and RUN to the LEFT of the last tree. Running all around it and back to the back of his line. The first team to have all players complete the obstacle course is the winner.

Rhythmic Exercises
Trapper Trails Council

Ask the group to follow your instructions:

Every stand - Now, hands on your hips, hands on your knees - put them behind you, if you please - touch your shoulders, touch your nose - touch your ears, touch your toes - raise your hands, high in the air - at your sides, on your hair - above your head, as before - while you clap, 1,2,3,4 - now hand upon the empty space (head) - on your shoulders, on your face - then you raise them up so high - and make your fingers quickly fly - then you stretch them out toward me - and briskly clap them. 1, 2,3.

Rocking Chair
Trapper Trails Council

Partners sit facing each other with knees sharply flexed, feet flat on the floor . One boy's feet and legs are between the other boy's legs. Each sits on the other's feet and grasps the other's upper arms. One boy leans back and lifts the feet, pulling the other forward to a semi-standing position. Reverse the action, and continue rocking back and forth several times. After everyone has tried this, try have races.

Jump Rope Games
Trapper Trails Council

Relay- use one rope for each team Run and jump down to a line and back, handing rope to next player.

Variation -jump backward

Variation - run to line, jump 10 times and then run back.

Time ropes - see how long you can jump

Multiple Jump -jump 2 boys in rope at same time.

Push - Catch
Northwest Suburban Council

Everyone is in a circle except for one person in the middle (usually a leader to start). The person in the center has a ball that the leader throws to those in the circle. The leader must shout out either PUSH or CATCH. The person to whom the ball is thrown must DO THE OPPOSITE ACTION that was shouted out. That is if the leader shouts PUSH, the Cub must CATCH the ball. If the leader shouts CATCH the Cub PUSHES the ball. If an error is committed by either not doing the opposite or stumbling with the ball the Cub must sit down or step back and is eliminated from play. Variation: If the group gets really good at the game, the shouter must shout out 3 words (such as PUSH CATCH PUSH) and the Cub must do the opposite of the middle one (or the first or last).

Quarter Toss
Northwest Suburban Council

Set a group of targets on the floor (plastic bowls, cups, paper targets). Toss quarters, other coins, or washers onto the targets.

Northwest Suburban Council

First Cub on the team is placed about 30 feet ahead of the rest of his team. All team members are blindfolded. The first team member must lead his teammates to him by talking to them, making noise, etc. Gets harder with more teams doing the same nearby.

Red Rover
Northwest Suburban Council

There are two teams. Each team holds hands and forms a line to face the other team. Then Team 1 shouts "Red Rover, Red Rover, I call John over". John runs from his team (Team 2), at the other line to try and tries to break through their hands. If he succeeds he returns to Team 2 and gets to take someone from Team 1 for his own team. If he fails he has to join Team 1. Then Team 2 and gets to shout "Red Rover, Red Rover I call". The game goes on until one team has all the players on their side.

Ring Toss
Northwest Suburban Council

Make rope loops and attempt to toss them onto small sticks stuck into the ground.



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