July Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 6, Issue 11

Sea To Shining Sea (Webelos Aquanaut & Geologist)



Treasures Beneath the Sea
York Adams Council

Song: The song is sung to the tune of ĎThe Grand Old Duke of Yorkí in the Cub Scout Song Book.

Stage: For this puppet skit, use a large box for your stage. Paint the back of the box to look like an underwater scene.

Cast: 2 or more Oysters and Charlie Tuna

The oysters are paper plates folded in half and then painted or covered with construction paper. Charlie Tuna is a stick puppet.

Song: [Done by all oysters..]

Itís tough to be an oyster
Thatís why Iím in such a stew.
But Iíd rather be an oyster
Than a person like you.

[A cardboard tire comes down and hits one of the oysters in the head.]

1st Oyster: [Looks up.] Hey you people cut that out.

[Down comes a soda can right into his mouth. He looks at audience and shakes it out.]

Charlie Tuna: [Moves quickly across the front of the stage.] Hey Star-Kist, wait for me.

Oysters Repeat Song

[A cardboard boot falls..]

2nd Oyster: Wow that really shook up my pearl. I hope his foot freezes.

[More things fall down..]

1st Oyster: They say pollution is a people problem, but they should live down here.

Charlie Tuna: [Moves quickly across the front of the stage..] Hey Star-Kist, you forgot me.


[As song is sung more litter can fall on the puppets..]

Oysters:[Together.] Please help us - donít pollute.

You can use more than 2 oyster puppets if you want. The boy who is dropping the litter should stand behind the stage and lower the litter over the top. Lower pieces of litter on a string slowly to give the effect of moving through the water.

Otetiana CouncilPow Wow 1982

Water! Water!
York Adams Council

Cast: Several Cub Scouts

Props: Sahara Desert scenery [Have Cubs draw cactus for background] and a glass of water.

1st Cub: [Crawls across stage gasping:] Water! Water!
[Collapses about one fourth of the way across]

2nd Cub: [Same as #1 but he gets a little further before he collapses.]

3rd Cub, 4th Cub, etc. [Do the same as #1 but each gets a little closer to the boy with the glass of water before collapsing.]

Last Cub: [Cub with the longest, messiest hair. Crawls across the stage, panting and asking for water.]

Water! Water!
[When he reaches the boy with the glass of water, he drags himself up onto his knees and pulls a comb from his back pocket, dips it in the glass and combs his hair.]

Toothpaste Skit
York Adams Council

Cast: four or more people

Props: two cups of water

Setup: The people all line up in a row in front of the audience. The first person in line has water in his cup and the last person in line has an empty cup with some water hidden in his mouth.

The skit starts with the narrator explaining this is a demonstration of how a person can brush his teeth when there is a shortage of water.

The first person takes a drink of water from his cup and proceeds to brush his teeth with his finger. After a few seconds he stops and places his head against the ear of the next person in line and that person's cheeks begin to bulge out as the first persons deflate. The second person brushes his teeth with his finger for a few seconds and then puts his mouth against the next person's ear with the same results, and so on down the line until the last person in line in reached.

When this person is finished brushing his teeth, he releases the water he has in his mouth into the cup in his hand.


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