July Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 6, Issue 11

Sea To Shining Sea (Webelos Aquanaut & Geologist)



All Across Our Nation
Denver Area Council

Personnel: 7 Cub Scouts
Equipment: Picture of or a small flag. The following pictures: Statue of Liberty, steel mills or factory, scene of Colorado, picture of Alaska, Hawaiian scene, map or picture of the U.S.A. Recorded background music.

The Cub Scouts form a semi-circle around the flag and hold up their picture and say the short verse.

1st Cub: (Statue of Liberty) New York is a lovely state where we see this lady stand.

2nd Cub: (factory or industry) Michigan is a very great state, they make the cars for our land.

3rd Cub: (Colorado scene) Colorado is our own home state, we’re proud in many ways.

4th Cub: (Alaskan scene) Alaska has some very cold nights, with some short, short days.

5th Cub: (Hawaiian picture) Hawaii is our newest state, and we’re proud to say she’s ours.

6th Cub: (map or picture U.S.) But all of the states together, make a nation of beautiful stars.

7th Cub: (Flag) Please join me in singing "God Bless America."

Bill of Rights Opening
Denver Area Council

Props: Have each boy come in with a small American flag, and then recite the freedoms guaranteed us in the Bill of Rights.

1st Cub: The right to worship God in one’s own way.

2nd Cub: The right to free speech and press.

3rd Cub: The right to peaceable assembly.

4th Cub: The right to petition for a redress of grievances.

5th Cub: The right to privacy in our homes.

6th Cub: The right to habeas corpus - no excessive bail.

7th Cub: The right to trial by jury - innocent until proven guilty.

8th Cub: The right to move about freely at home and abroad. Please join us in the Pledge of Allegiance.

I Am An American
York Adams Council

Setting: Flags are carried into the meeting area or are already in place at the front of the room. Twelve Cub Scouts (from multiple Dens) have parts during the opening.

Cub 1: My country gives each one of us the opportunity to advance according to his own ambitions. Education is for all. I am an American.

Cub 2: My country means love of freedom, faith in democracy, justice and equality. I am an American.

Cub 3: My country believes in the moral worth of the everyday, common person. I am an American.

Cub 4: My country gives us the privilege of expresing beliefs or opinions without fear of persecution. I am an American.

Cub 5: My country has the best form of government. It is our duty to keep it that way. I am an American.

Cub 6: My country promises life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I am an American.

Cub 7: My country gives us the privilege that we shall protect and defend even with our lives. I am an American.

Cub 8: My country is and will always remain the land of the free and the home of the brave. I am an American.

Cub 9: My country offers a living Americanism which demands an informed, intellegent and active citizenship. I am an American.

Cub 10: My country meets any need or suffering with its abiding love and loyalty. I am an American.

Cub 11: My country is the servant—not the master. I am an American.

Cub 12: My country possesses a Statue of Liberty whose torch shall burn as long as we keep it alight with our devotion to the freedom of the individual. I am an American.

Please join us in the Pledge of Allegiance

The Great Melting Pot
Heart of America Council

Personnel: 3 parents, 3 Cubs and Den Leader or Cubmaster to be Akela

Equipment: 3 poles, rope or twine, 2 flagpoles, Pack Flag and American Flag

Setting: Each parent will walk in with a stave, then they will form a tripod, which an older Scout will tie. This is a unique way for a Scout troop to share with the Cub Scouts

Parent 1: I support Scouts because they promote strong healthy boys and minds.

Parent 2: For me, it’s their encouragement of the boys in their religious beliefs, and their growth within their own church.

Parent 3: It’s the citizenship, the respect for one’s duty to God and country. It‘s the sharing with the community.

(Cub comes out carrying a large pot that is to be hung from the tripod or a cardboard cutout of it.)

Cub 1: Our nation is like this kettle. Our ancestry mixed. The different feelings, cultures and religious beliefs are in this kettle.

Cub 2: As Cub Scouts, we learn to respect, even help people who are different than us.

(Pulls out pack flag, and places on flagpole)

Cub 3: That is why Scouting can be good for our community, state and nation.

(Brings forth American Flag and puts on pole).

Akela: Now as we are all mixed together into one large Scouting family; let’s stand and honor our flags. Scout salute and say the Pledge of Allegiance.


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