July Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 6, Issue 11

Sea To Shining Sea (Webelos Aquanaut & Geologist)



Water Drinking Relay
Greater St. Louis Area Council

Equipment: Cup of water, Plastic spoons

Divide the boys into teams and give each player a cup of water and plastic spoon. The first player feeds the second player his cup of water one spoonful at a time. The second player feeds the third and so on. The first team finish wins.

Bubble Blowers Relay
Viking Council

Make a starting line and a finish line. Divide boys into 2 or more teams. Pick a team leader for each team. His job will be to blow a bubble for the first boy on his team. The boy will fan it with a paper plate until he gets to the finish line. If his bubble breaks the boy stops where he is and waits for his team leader to come and blow a new bubble for him. When everyone on the same team has had a turn and fanned a bubble over the finish line they win.

Arrow Chase
Denver Area Council

Object is for two teams of Cubs to follow colored arrows over a course around the neighborhood. Before boys arrive, mark two paths, one with white and one with blue chalk. The first arrows should be right outside your front door; the others should appear about every ten feet. Itís more fun if you put some on the sidewalk, some high on a telephone pole, some on a rock, etc. Though difficult to find, they should always be in plain view of a child standing on the ground. It doesnít matter if the paths cross and recross, but try to make both the same length and have both finish close to your house. The first team back to the den wins the game.

Celebrities Strong for America
Denver Area Council

Cut out pictures of American movie stars, political leaders, presidents and heroes. Pass them on numbered cards for the boys to guess their names. The boy with the most correct answers wins.

What State am I?
Denver Area Council

Arrange the boys in a circle and have one leave the room while group decides which state they are. When the boy returns, he asks leading questions. You may want to set a limit for the number of questions. Then choose another boy to go and have the group choose another state for him to guess.

Penny Drop
York Adams Council

Pour water about 6" deep in a bucket and drop in a dime. Each player is given 6 pennies. In turn, players drop their pennies in the water, trying to cover the dime with their penny. The successful player wins the dime.

Discovering America
York Adams Council

Place the Scouts in a circle with a leader in the center. He should point to one of the players and ask a question about America--its history or cities or rivers--such as "Who discovered America?" He begins to count to 10 while looking at the boy to whom he points. That boy is not the one who should answer. Rather the 3rd boy to his left should answer the question. If the right boy answers correctly, he takes over as leader. If he doesnít answer in time or if the wrong boy answers, either is out of the game.


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