June Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 6, Issue 10

Space the New Frontier (Webelos Traveler, & Artist)


Yes, I went and did it. I made some glaring errors, more than usual, in the last issue of Baloo's Bugle. One that was noted early after we loaded it to our site in HTML is that I decided to put in something else under Audience Participation in the HTML format. At this point I can't remember exactly what was there, but Audience Participation it was not. Someone wrote us telling us about it since they enjoy using Audience Participation items, and would we fix it. Not a bad thing to hear from my viewpoint, at least I know someone looks forward to a particular area.

The other glaring error I make nearly every month, besides the typos, is dating the Bugle. I have been doing the Bugle for six years, and for some reason, getting the dates, (issue number and month) right is one of those little things I mess up on BIG TIME. One year, I even forgot to change to the new year until Don B emailed me to let me know a month or two later.

Besides April Showers, we/I got a flood) of emails letting me know about my date mistake. Okay, maybe it was only 3 or 4 emails, but nonetheless, it was a concern enough for some to be moved enough to email us about it. April wasn't the only month I have heard from Scouters about this mistake, I probably get one email a month about it.

Well, since this is causing confusion for everyone, (hey, if I am confused it makes sense you are), we are changing the way the issues are dated. From now on, you will see the month's Roundtable the Bugle is for, the theme (both Cub and Webelos) and the volume and issue number.

And thank you for keeping me straight on this stuff.


Sometimes I find out about something that Scouts have done and it gets me so dang excited. Two Scouts, who just crossed over from Webelos developed a great page for those Webelos working on the Geologist Activity Badge. Many of the areas of this Badge have links to where answers can be found. And then it only gets better. There are online forms or blank sheets for the answers that can be printed out after the answers are found!
The following URL will take you to their homepage, scroll down and you will find Webelo Scout Geologist Badge. Check out the other pages they have. http://library.thinkquest.org/J002744/adlm.html
I contacted the adult who helped them with their site to get permission to link the site. Someone contacted them about spelling Webelos wrong. Yes, they are aware the word Webelos is spelled wrong. But the page is in a contest, and no changes can be made. NOW FOR A HUGE FAVOR! Concentrate on the content of their pages, and forgive a misspelled word. These fine young scouts have done a lot of work setting up this page, which in turn, is a wonderful resource for this activity badge. Also there is an area about growing crystals!!!


You can view online the great Scout stuff being sold by BSA's National Supply division at www.scoutstuff.org You can select the 'scout stuff' you need, make and print off your list then call your local Scout Shop to get it. You will find a list of all the Scout Shops near your home or you can use an 800 number to order directly from National.

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