June Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 6, Issue 10

Space the New Frontier (Webelos Traveler, & Artist)


Future Careers
Indian Nations Council

Props: A large box that Cubs can step into and out of; decorate front with knobs and dials.

Cub #1: Ladies and gentlemen, this is the fantastic, terrific magic future machine. By entering this machine you will know your future career.

Cub #2: Let me try it first!

Cub #1: OK, enter the chamber (he turns dials on the front). Come out and reveal your future. (This is repeated for each Cub.)

Cub #2: Wow, I am going to be a truck driver. 10-4 good buddy.

Cub #3: (enters then exits) Hey, I'm going to be a Chef, dinner anyone.

Cub #4: (enters then exits) I'm going to be a doctor, want a shot?

Cub #5: (Enters then exits) A lawyer, I'm going to be a lawyer. I'll sue for 1 million dollars.

Cub #6: (enters then exits) Yea, yea, yea! I'm going to be a rock star, where's my guitar?

Cub #7: (enters and exits) An astronaut, look at Mars!

Cub #8: I'm not sure about this, but here goes.

Cub #1: This way. (turns dials)

Cub #8 (enters, screams) No! No!

Cub #1: What's the matter, what will you be?

Cub #8: NO! I'll be a (pause for silence) CUBMASTER!!! (runs off stage with arms flying.)

Viking Council

A Cub runs on stage with a large ladle in his hand

"What do you have there? Asks Boy 1 "The big dipper."

Another Cub runs on stage with a spoon in his hand, "And what do you have?" asks Boy 1.

"The little dipper!"

Spaceship on the Moon
Viking Council

(Narrator instructs others to follow the motions demonstrated as he tells the story.)

One hot summer day my spaceship had just landed on the moon and needed some repair. I took a pair of pliers and I worked, and I worked, and I worked. (Use left hand to pantomime using pliers.)

By then I was so hot that I found a piece of moon paper and I fanned, and I fanned, and I fanned. (Continue left hand pliers and use right hand to pantomime the use of a fan.

I stepped out of the rocket ship and spied a meteor going up and down, and up and down. (Continue both hand motions and an up-and-down motion with the body.)

All at once there appeared in front of me a group of moon people saying, "Cuckoo, Cuckoo, Cuckoo!" (Continue all motions while saying cuckoo.

The Constellations
York Adams Council

Since time began, it seems that people have been fascinated by and interested in studying the stars. So much so that the groupings of stars, what we call constellations, have been given special names with special meanings. The Cub Scouts are at a perfect age to absorb all the information they can about anything, and constellations are no different. Here's a skit my son's Den did years ago (when he was a Wolf). It gets the parents interested and involved and teaches the boys a little while having fun at it. And at the Pack Meeting, it was a great success.

Activity: Do some research into the mythology behind some of the constellations. (We used Greek and Roman myths.) And get some pictures of the different gods after whom the constellations are named. Make sure the pictures show the relationship of the constellations to the gods. Then have the boys pick out characters they want to represent in the skit. Have them dress for the parts and attach tin foil stars at the right places on their costumes. (One of the favorites from when our boys did it was Gemini, The Twins, where two of the boys dressed together to be that constellation.)

Pick a narrator (not necessarily one of the Cubs because they like the acting out) who can talk a little about each constellation. Then, at the Pack Meeting, have all the boys line up in their costumes on stage.

Trip To The Moon
York Adams Council

2 Spacemen
2 Space Mice

Moon with door big enough for head to stick out

Setting: (As curtain opens, Controlman is looking at the moon through a telescope, at left. Spaceship stands close by. Man-in-the-Moon & Space Mice are hidden behind moon on opposite side of stage. Spacemen enter at left, helmets under left arms and they approach Controlman.

1st Spaceman: Has the President arrived?

Controlman: Not yet.

2ND Spaceman: I hope he won’t be late. We have no time to waste.

Controlman: (looking through telescope)

That’s right. The moon is in good position for a perfect landing.

(Enter PRESIDENT of U.S. Play a few bars of "Hail to the Chief" as he enters.

Spacemen & Controlman stand at attention.)

President: This is a great day for our country. I don’t know what we would do without you brave Cub Scouts, who are willing to risk your lives on this dangerous mission to the moon. I can only wish you good luck.

(President goes to a chair to the left to watch take-off.)

Controlman: Get ready for the countdown. (He sits at control panel.)

Spacemen: put on your helmets and get behind the space ship.

1ST Spaceman: We’re ready.

Controlman: Ten, Nine, Eight, Seven, Six, Five, Four, Three, Two, One Blast Off !

(Spacemen slowly pick up space ship, turn it to horizontal position and walk very slowly across the stage to the moon.)

2ND Spaceman: We’ve been out here in space for a long time now. When do you think we’ll reach the moon?

1ST Spaceman: We should be there very soon now.

(Spaceman arrive at Moon, sticking it with point of Space Ship.)

Man-In-The-Moon: Ouch! What stuck me?

(Spacemen stand ship on end)

2ND Spaceman: Who said that?

1ST Spaceman: There must be someone here after all.

Man-In-The-Moon: (Opening- door in the Moon & sticking his head out.) Of course there is! Haven’t you ever heard of the Man-in-the-Moon?

2ND Spaceman: Yes, but I thought that was a fairy tale!

Man-IN-The-Moon: No, indeed! I’ve been here a long time.

1ST Spaceman: Can you tell us if we are the first earth people here?

Man-In-The-Moon: Yes, you are the first People. Another ship landed before yours did, though. There were mice in that one.

(Space Mice come from behind moon, one on either side.)

1ST Mouse: Did you call us?

2ND Spaceman: What in the universe are you doing here?

2ND Mouse: The Russians shot us up here!

1ST Mouse: We were supposed to go back to earth, but we wouldn’t go.

2ND Mouse: We like it here. We’re going to stay forever!

1ST Spaceman: But how can you live here? What can you find to eat?

1ST Mouse: Find to eat? We never had it so good!

2ND Mouse: You mean you don’t know. You never heard?

Both Mice: The moon is REALLY made of GREEN CHEESE!

(SPACEMEN faint as CURTAIN falls).

Otetiana Council
Pow Wow 1978


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