June Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 6, Issue 10

Space the New Frontier (Webelos Traveler, & Artist)


Space Cub Scouts
(Tune: Do Your Ears Hang Low)
Indian Nations Council

Do your ears point high?
Mr. Spock's your kind of guy.
On the Starship Enterprise,
Out in space we're gonna fly.
Where no man has gone before.
Through the universe and more.
Do you ears point high?

Are your ears quite long?
Then you must be a Klingon,
Will you sneak up on our ship
Till our radar shows a blip?
Then we'll blast you with our phasers
Our ship is the one that stays here.
Are your ears quite long?

We are Space Cub Scouts.
"Beam em Up!" is what we shout.
On the Enterprise we work
We report to Captain Kirk.
Through the struggles and the strife,
Looking for new forms of life.
We are Space Cub Scouts.

The Astronaut's Plea
(Tune: My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean)

I went for a ride in a spaceship.
The moon and the planets to see.
I went for a ride in a spaceship,
And listen what happened to me!


Bring back, bring back,
Oh, bring back my spaceship to me, to me.
Bring back, bring back,
Oh, bring back my spaceship to me.

I went for a ride in a spaceship.
The capsule was crowded and I,
Developed a cramp in my muscles,
So I took a long walk in the sky.

(Repeat Chorus)

I went for a walk in my spacesuit.
The ship was controlled from the ground.
But someone in charge down at NASA,
Forgot I was walking around!

(Repeat chorus)

Coneheads (In a Spaceship in the Sky)
Greater St. Louis Area Council

In a spaceship in the sky
Spacey little conehead guy
Saw an astronaut floating by
Knocking at my door.
Help me, help me, help me, he said
Or the meteor will swoosh! And hit my head!
Come little astronaut, come with me
Coneheads we will be.

By the Light of My Scout Flashlight
(By the Light of the Silvery Moon)
Greater St. Louis Area Council

By the light of my Scout flashlight,
Wish I could see, what it was that just bit my knee.
Batteries, why-y did you fail me?
The chance is slim, the chance is slight,
I can last through the night, with my Scout flashlight.

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