June Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 6, Issue 10

Space the New Frontier (Webelos Traveler, & Artist)


Twinkling Stars
Viking Council

Put a flashlight under a colander, and turn out the room lights. As the flag is brought in, move the flashlight around to make the stars swirl on the ceiling. Den stands at attention for the Pledge, then sings the "Star Spangled Banner." Keep the stars swirling until the end.

Aim for the Stars
Greater St. Louis Area Council

If you want to aim for the stars, you must remember that you are building your launching pad right now by your willingness and initiative in every task you tackle, at home, in church, in school, and in Cub Scouting.

Out in Space
York Adams Council

Setting: Four Cub Scouts are standing on stage looking up to the sky.

Cub 1: What's out in space?

Cub 2: Mostly lots and lots of space, but also billions and jillions of stars, galaxies and solar systems, planets, and moons, blazing comets and deadly rays.

Cub 3: Yeah, and sometimes even people!

A fifth Cub Scout walks out dressed in a space helmet and says those famous words of Neil Armstrong: "One small step for man. One giant step for mankind."

Cub 4: That's what's out in space!

Let's all stand and remember the American flag flying on the moon. Please join with us in the Pledge of Allegiance.

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Blast Off Into Scouting
York Adams Council

Personnel: One den or group of eight boys

Equipment: Individual cards of the eight letters C-U-B S-C-O-U-T. Cards are shaped to form the cone and tail of a rocket ship. As each Cub recites his lines, he holds up his card.

Cub 1: C is for courtesy in Cub Scouting and all through life

Cub 2: U is for usefulness to our families and to others

Cub 3: B stands for bravery in thoughts and deeds

Cub 4: S stands for safety in all that we do

Cub 5: C stands for church-the one of your choice

Cub 6: O stands for outdoors and the beauty of nature

Cub 7: U is for unity-in our den, pack, school, and families-because in unity we are strong

Cub 8: T stands for truth in all things.

Cubmaster: Now we are ready for blast off. (With audience) 5-4-3-2-1-BLAST OFF!

[Rocket moves off stage.]

York Adams Council

Personnel: Cubmaster, Webelos nearest to graduation into troop.
Props: Can of Sterno wrapped in aluminum foil and placed in a metal bowl on a tripod.

Cubmaster: It has become traditional at jamborees to have a small flame of brotherhood burning throughout the jamboree. The flame reminds us of Cub Scouting's ideals and how they bind us in brotherhood with Scouts all over the world.

Our flame will be guarded by Webelos (names or the Den Chief). Each of them will be on guard 20 minutes during the course of our Pack Meeting.

Now I shall request Webelos (first one's name) to come forward and light the flame of world brotherhood. (as the boy lights the flame, say the following prayer) "O Divine Father, we have kindled this flame as a symbol of brotherhood among men of all nations. We pray that the flame of brotherhood will light the minds and souls of all mankind, that peace and harmony will prevail, and Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Amen."

Now will all Cub Scouts please make the Cub Scout sign and join me in the Cub Scout promise.

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