June Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 6, Issue 10

Space the New Frontier (Webelos Traveler, & Artist)


Orbiting the Moon
Greater St. Louis Area Council

This is a race for the entire family! Each den's families make up a mission to the moon. The moon is a marker about 30' from the starting line. A small Cub Scout is the "nose cone". Two other children are the first and second stage of the rocket. On signal, parents pick up the nose cone and the two rocket stages and begin carrying them toward the moon. Halfway there, on of the stages is put down and joins the run. At the moon, the second st age is put down and also joins the runs. The race ends when all family members are back at the start and the nose cone is set down gently on a chair.

Round the Moon
Greater St. Louis Area Council

All the Dens line up at the end of the room. Each Cub places his hands on the waist of the Cub in front so the Dens for a 'rocket'. A chair is placed at the far end of the room opposite each Den; these are the 'moons'. On 'Go', the Dens run the length of the room, around their 'moon' and back into orbit. As they pass base, the 'rockets' drop a section each time and the Cubs sit down there one by one, until finally the 'nose cone' - the first in line 'returns home. The first team to be sitting down is the winner.

Alien Egg
York Adams Council

Divide the boys into pairs. Tell them that you have been given an alien egg (a ball about volleyball size wrapped in aluminum foil). The egg cannot be moved from place to place unless it is carried between the heads of two people. The egg is unique in this way because it must be in contact with human brain waves while it is in motion or the baby alien inside might get upset, break open the egg, and eat the floor. The object is for each pair to crawl sideways to the end of the playing area and back. They must then exchange the egg with the next pair in line without using their hands.

Rings of Saturn Relay
York Adams Council

This is an old relay race that takes on a new meaning in light of the theme. Divide the den into two teams and give each boy a toothpick. Then place a "ring of Saturn" (lifesaver) on the toothpick of the first boy in each team. He must pass the ring to the next boy to the next and so on. Once he has passed the first ring successfully, place the second ring on the toothpick. And then the third, and fourth, and as many as will fit on a single toothpick! The first team to pass the rings to the last player wins. (If a ring falls to earth, replace it with a fresh one!)

Moon Race Walk
York Adams Council

Materials: Really, really, really big gum boots or galoshes. Divide the boys into two teams. Have them take off their shoes and stand in two lines. Place the huge boots at the starting line and have the boys put on the "moon boots" race down to a turn-around point and return to give the boots to the next in line. Continue until all boys have finished.

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