June Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 6, Issue 10

Space the New Frontier (Webelos Traveler, & Artist)


Super Duper Leader Kit
Greater St. Louis Area Council

  1. Bonafide Certificate of Achievement to hang on wall or throw in drawer or file 13.
  2. Sponge to remind you to soak up all the knowledge and hang on to it.
  3. Compartmentalized box to save all those little things you can't seem to keep up with.
  4. Cotton balls (color coded especially for Cub Scout Leaders) obviously for the ears when necessary.
  5. Tylenol in the event of faulty cotton balls.
  6. Hand sanitizer (need I say more).
  7. Doublemint gum - easier on the teeth than biting nails.
  8. Eyes, always can use an extra set or two around scouts.
  9. Marbles, just in case you loose a few.
  10. Foam Smile, to be used in the event you can't produce a real one.
  11. Cow Bell, in case you get lost, the scouts can always find you!
  12. Toothbrush and toothpaste, Mom always said never leave home without them.
  13. Basket/bucket, have to have something to put all these wonderful things in.

A Den Leader Farewell and an Induction
Buckskin Council

Personnel: Cubmaster; Cub Scout; all den leaders, including the retiring den leader and the new den leader with spouse; pack committee chairman

Equipment: Gift for retiring leader, den leader badge, den leader job description card, current issue of Scouting magazine with Cub Scout Program Helps, copy of Cub Scout Leader Book

Arrangement: All den leaders line up on stage as a background for this ceremony. The Cubmaster is in front.

Cubmaster: Cub Scouts and parents, tonight we are bidding good-bye to one of our den leaders and saying hello to another. [Name] has been a loyal den leader for the past year. It is now necessary for her to give up this work. We will miss her. Will you please step forward, [name]. [The Cub Scout steps forward and presents her with an inexpensive gift.]

Cub Scout: This gift will remind you of the many hours you have spent giving something to us Cub Scouts so that we may grow into better men and good citizens of our country. Will you introduce the new den leader who will take over Den [number].

Retiring Den Leader: [Name] has already been working with me and is prepared to take over. I know that the boys like her very much and that she will be an excellent den leader. [The pack chairman escorts the new den leader forward].

Chairman: [Name] we welcome you as a den leader in our pack. Yours is a big but rewarding responsibility. Without den leaders, we could not have Cub Scouting - not, at least, in the fine way we have it now. As chairman of our pack, I think I speak for the parents and boys of our den when I say we'll do our best to help you make the den go. And that goes for all of us in the pack, too. And now, [Name], here is your badge of office, a card describing your duties, your first issue of Scouting magazine with Cub Scout Program Helps, and the Cub Scout Leader Book to help you in your den program.

Now may I introduce [Name of spouse} whose faith in Cub Scouting and what it means to all the boys in the neighborhood will make him a very active partner.

Cubmaster: OK, Cub Scouts, let's give three cheers for both of these den leaders. Hip, hip, hurray! Hip, hip, hurray! Hip, hip, hurray!

Special Awards
West Michigan Shores Council

Have the Cub Scout make the awards. At the pack meeting have them present them to the Den Leaders.

Narrator: We have some special awards tonight. Everyone knows or at least should know that Den Leaders are some of the hardest working and long-suffering of all scouts. Tonight we'd like to show our appreciation with our very own special kind of "Thank You".

1st Cub: Which of you Den Leaders has the largest den? Here is a gift you really need. Your own Helping Hand. (Rubber Glove blown up)

2nd Cub: Now for the very feminine Den Leader. We feel all Den Leaders should be showered with jewels. We've selected _____ & ____ to represent all of you. May we present this DIAMOND PIN and FIVE CARAT NECKLACE. [Dime and pin in a jewelry boy; and five carrots strung on string].

3rd Cub: Every organization has someone in it who is always willing to take on a little more - she never says no. To this valuable person we present the 'GOOD EGG AWARD'. [large egg shell made into award]

4th Cub: There isn't a mother yet who hasn't wished for an eye in the back of her head. Here is a little something for the Den Leader who needs it so much more than the average mother. A THIRD EYE [large cardboard eye fastened to a comb]. 

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