Volume 6 Issue 9
April 2000


Big Idea #17 - Cub Scouting, Here We Come

Change Box
Northwest Suburban Council

Equipment: Multiple refrigerator boxes with one side of the box cut out on each. The boxes are then connected with the first box and the last box having two sides cut out, forming a tunnel
Personnel: Adult volunteer can be put in the box to make shaking and funny noises, Cubmaster, adult volunteer.

The Tigers form a line at one end of the box with their partner waiting for them at the other.

CM: You have done well following your motto of SEARCH, DISCOVER, and SHARE. You have made your parents, your den leader, and your Pack proud. Now is the time that we recognize you for your efforts and welcome you as you progress on the Cub Scout Trail. Now go through this tunnel as your last journey as a Tiger and reap the recognition of your labors.

The boys go through the box one at a time. Inside an adult volunteer stops them and presents them with their Tiger Cub patch which they display as they come out the other side.

Four Candles and a Neckerchief
Sequoia Council

This short ceremony is designed to graduate a boy and adult from Tiger Cubs into Cub Scouting.

Personnel: Cubmaster, group coach (organizer), den leader, Tiger Cubs and their Adult partners
Equipment: Four large candle, a table, a Cub Scout neckerchief for each boy
: Three candles are placed along the front of the table; the fourth candle is raised and centered behind them. The room is darkened. The Cubmaster recites this ceremony to the boys and their adult partners with assistance from the group organizer and the Den Leader.

Cubmaster: (Calls boys and adults forward.) For the past few months you and your family have explored all sorts of new and exciting things and places. You have taken each part of the Tiger Cub Motto, Search, Discover, Share, and used it in your home, school, and neighborhood. (Lights first candle on left.)

You and your adult partner have searched in your home and community for new activities that have shown you how people work together and have fun together. (Lights middle candle.)

You and your adult partner have discovered that by doing things together with friends and family you feel you are part of a great family, community, and country. (Lights third candle.)

In Cub Scouting your family is an important as it is throughout your entire Scouting experience. Support in earning each badge comes from your family as well as from your den leader. Your parents will help you each step of the way.

[Boy's name] and [adult's name], on behalf of Pack [number], I'd like to welcome you. [Group coaches (organizer's) name] will bring your den leader, [den leader's name], forward to present your Cub Scout neckerchief and welcome you into the den. (The den leader presents the neckerchief to the adult who puts it around the boy's neck.)

Tiger Induction Ceremony
(from Tiger Cubs into Cub Scouts)
San Francisco Bay Area Council

Personnel: Bobcat candidates, his parents (family guardian), Cubmaster, Den leaders, and the boys of his new den.
Props: Each boy in the den is to have a tom-tom
Candidate and parents in front row or standing to one side of semicircle. Boys in den sit in semicircle to one side of the Cubmaster with the Den Leaders on either end accompanied by a Webelos. The boys each have a tom-tom.
While the boys beat the tom-toms to an Indian rhythm, the den leaders recite:

Come, come, come, come to the council fire to light the fire of your desire. Akela, Akela.

Cubmaster: Would the Webelos bring the parents and Bobcat candidate (s). forward? (Candidate and parents are brought to a position next to the Cubmaster)

Cubmaster: During the past year in the Tiger Cub program, you have prepared for today. Remember the motto: "Search, Discover, Share". And the Promise: "I promise to love God, my country, and to learn about the world."

The Cub Scout colors are blue and gold. They have a special meaning. BLUE stands for truth, spirituality, steadfast loyalty, and the sky above. GOLD stands for warm sunlight, good cheer and happiness.

Your family and I, and all those who will influence you as leaders, will represent Akela. We would like to present you with the Tiger Cub patch, which is to be worn on the right shirt pocket of your Cub Scout uniform.

Now, with your parents, you are to enter the Cub Scout program. You and your family will find many new adventures along the Cub Scout trail.

Parents, remember to always guide your Cub Scout. May the Great Spirit always be by your side. Seek to help him follow the Cub Scout Motto: "Do Your Best", and to respect and appreciate all the things around him.

With these things in mind, we would like to welcome you to Pack _____.

Indian Nations Council



Any size Empty coffee can with the lid
Construction paper, glue & scissors.
Paint, paint brushes

Sticks from trees
String, leather, feathers, beads
Any bits of scrap material you might have.
Drum sticks or wooden dowels

Directions :
Either paint the coffee can or cover the can with construction paper. Leave lid on the coffee can as this will be the drum head. If construction paper is used for outside on the coffee, you can paint or draw designs and creatures. When paint is dry, embellish your drum (using glue) with any of the scrap material.

Trail to Cub Scouting
Tiger Cub Graduation
Author: Pete, who wishes to remain anonymous
York Adams Council


Personnel: Cubmaster, Tiger Coordinator, Wolf Scout, Bear Scout, First Year Webelos Scout, Second Year Webelos Scout, Tigers and parents

Equipment: Each Tiger should wear his Blue Cub Scout shirt under his Tiger Cub shirt.

The parent with each Tiger Cub should have a Wolf neckerchief and slide.

The pack should have the Tiger Graduation patch and certificate for each Tiger Cub.

Three candles on left - two orange, one black

Three candles on right - two blue, one gold

One white candle in the middle (This candle should be lit before the ceremony starts.)

Pieces of orange, black, blue and gold construction paper cut out to be "paws". The paws should be placed in order and fairly close together and getting further apart and harder to follow as the continue. The paws should be taped to the floor so that the scouts will not slide on them. Each piece should have a word printed on it (in order) - Search, Discover, Share, Sign, Handshake, Salute, Motto, Promise, Law, Bobcat, Wolf, Bear, Webelos, Arrow of Light.

Arrangement: In using this ceremony please use the designation that is appropriate to ALL the Tiger Cubs in your pack. i.e. - use of the word parent may/may not be appropriate, etc.

Cubmaster: Tonight we honor our Tiger Cubs. Will the Tiger Cubs and their Adult Partners please come forward.

Tiger Leader: For the past few months you and your family have explored all sorts of new and exciting things and places as Tiger Cubs. You have taken part in the Tiger Cub Motto and used it in your home, school and neighborhood.

This white candle (already lighted) represents the spirit of scouting, the ideals that you have begun to live this year.

(Light first Orange Candle)
You and your adult partner have searched out in your community new activities which have shown you how people work together and have fun together.

(Light Black Candle)

You and your adult partner have discovered that by doing things together with friends and family you feel a sense of being part of a great family, community and country.

(Light Second Orange Candle)

The things you have searched out and discovered have been shared with your family, friends and fellow Tiger Cubs, which let them learn about you and the things you saw and did.

Now it is time to move along the scouting trail. You will notice that you have already started on the trail. This part of the trail will be easy for you to pass. But there is much in front of you. It is a trail that you will follow as you learn along with Akela. You will learn the Cub Scout Sign, Handshake, Salute, Motto, Promise, and Law. You will master the skills of a Bobcat, Wolf, Bear, and Webelos. And you will see the meaning of Cub Scouting with the Arrow of Light.

The trail is not an easy one. It will be easy to stumble. It will get more difficult as you go further on the trail. Do not expect to be able to be perfect on the trail tonight - it will take four years for you to gain the ability to follow the trail easily.

As you follow this trail in Cub Scouting you will experience new things much as you did as a Tiger Cub.

(Light first Blue Candle)

You will learn that about purity in living by following the Cub Scout Promise and the Law of the Pack

(Light Gold Candle)

You will learn about the unknown, the fear and the doubts, and how the Cub Scout Motto will take these away.

(Light second Blue Candle)

You will learn knowledge, joy and confidence and how being a Cub Scout helps you to grow as a person.

You are now ready to continue on the trail of Cub Scouting. It is not a trail that you can or will follow alone. Your family will be at your side at all times throughout your scouting experience. Support will also come from all members of this Pack. You will notice that there are members of the Pack along the trail you will follow tonight. There are Wolf Cubs, Bear Cubs, Webelos Scouts, the Cubmaster and other adult leaders. These people are there to help you at every step of the way on the trail. They are there to welcome you to the Pack.

As you progress on the trail your family will help you grow into the uniform of Cub Scouting, which you will wear along the rest of the trail. Continue on along the trail, and ask those other Cub Scouts along the trail for help as you may need it - they will help you.

I ask that as your name is called that you and your family start on the trail. Please stop when the trail gets difficult. (This should be about the Law or salute or motto - Let the adult partners who will walk with the scouts know this ahead of time so they can stop their scout at this point and take their Tiger shirt off so they can continue on the trail in their blue Cub Scout shirt)

You will be given help to prepare you to continue along the trail.

(as each Scout completes the trail.... )

Cubmaster: (Scouts First Name), I would like to Welcome you to the Pack. I am proud that you have completed your Tiger Cub experience and present you with this certificate and this patch that you can wear on your Cub Scout uniform to show this accomplishment. I welcome you to the Pack with the neckerchief of the Wolf Cub. Wear it as you continue on your scouting trail.

(Adult partner will help the Cubmaster place the neckerchief around the scouts neck)

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