Volume 6 Issue 9
April 2000


Planning for the Future
National Capital Area Council

Setting: An old man is digging in his garden. Beside him on the ground is a young sapling tree, which he is preparing to plant. Two men come up to him, stop, and watch what he is doing.

Man #1: What kind of tree are you planting old man:

Old Man: (Stops digging and wipes his brow) It is an apple tree.

Man #2: (astonished) AN APPLE TREE? Well, how old are you?

Old Man: I'm 90 years old.

Man #1: You're 90 years old! And your planting a tree that will not give fruit for many years?

Old Man: Why not?

Man #2: Well, you'll probably not be around when that tree finally bears fruit.

Old Man: Tell me, did either of you eat any apples when you were little boys?

Both: Of course we did. Why?

Old Man: Then tell me this - who planted the trees that you got those apples from?

Man #2: Well it must have been, HMMM?

Man #1: I don't know.

Old Man: You see, someone planted the trees before you were born for you to enjoy and now I'm doing the same for those who come after me. How else can I repay those who planted trees before I was born?

Man #1: You are a very wise man.

Man #2: And we have been very foolish.

Old Man: Thank you, and remember that what we do for our land today will be around for many years from now. So make sure you leave something that you will be proud of in the future.

Smokey the Bear
York Adams Council


Ranger hat (campaign hat)
3 large (3-lb) coffee cans
Medium size rock
Paper clip
Soda straw
Large glass of water
Back pack
Some twigs
Some newspapers

When the actors assigned to the following actions hear their words, they do the actions described.



Narrator-SMOKEY-Tip ranger hat

CUB 1-BIG TREE-Drop rock into can

CUB 2-MEDIUM SIZED TREE-Drop pencil into can

CUB 3-BABY TREE-Drop paper clip into can

CUB 4-BABBLING BROOK-Blows through straw into glass of water

CUB 5-CAMPER-Follows directions in story

CUB 6-FIRE-Crumples new sheet of newspaper each time


Once upon a time in the deep, dark woods, there stood three trees—the Big Tree, the Middle Sized Tree, and the Baby Tree. And through the forest ran the Babbling Brook. The Camper [lays a fire with twigs] carelessly started a Fire without clearing the ground for ten feet around it and when the Camper left the campsite [picks up backpack and leaves], he didn't make sure the Fire was "dead out." The next day, the Fire started to burn again. The animals heard the sound of Fire and could smell smoke and their eyes began to burn. A bear cub's eyes smarted so much that he couldn't see where his mother was, so he did what he was taught when danger came—he climbed the Biggest Tree he could find. I am that bear cub.

The Fire roared by and it burned the Baby Tree [actor sinks to the ground] and it burned the Medium Sized Tree [actor sinks to the ground], and it just singed the Big Tree that had me, the bear cub, in it. After the Fire had gone by, I was found all singed and scared, by a forest ranger. The ranger helped heal my burns and he named me Smokey to remind all Campers [enter with backpack] to be careful with Fire and to protect the Big Trees, the Medium Sized Trees, and the Baby Trees, so that we may enjoy these forests that have Babbling Brooks flowing through them. Remember what Smokey Bear says: "Only you can prevent forest Fires!"

—Nevada Area Council

"Fiesta Fun" Pow Wow '96


Did You See That
York Adams Council

Stanley, in a strong European accent: "Hello there, I am Arthur Stanley Livingstone, the world famous ornithoptitologist! (That means I watch birds, you know.) And this is my nephew and assistant, Todd. Say hello Todd."

Todd, not really paying attention: "H'lo"

Stanley "We are here today on location in the midst of the African rain forest, and we should see some very rare birds indeed! I can hardly contain myself. Right Todd?

Todd: "Oh. Uh, yeah."

Stanley: slowly, carefully stalks along, looking around, listening for the slightest peep. Todd shuffles after him. Stanley, turning around, staring with wide open eyes for a second, then jumping up and down "Did you see that! Did you see that!"

Todd: "Er, what"

Stanley: "You mean you missed it?"

Todd: pauses a second, then admits it "uh, yeah"

Stanley: "Well! My word, Todd, that was a very rare bird, the Oohweeoo-plit-plit-plit-awaah. And you missed it. It's named after it's call, you know."

Todd: "Mmm, what's it sound like?"

Stanley:, after a suspenseful pause "peep!" Stanley continues his slow stalking and looking around, Todd follows after him.

Stanley: stopping and looking up wide-eyed. Todd actually walks into him. "Did you see that! Did you see that!"

Todd: "Er, um, well"

Stanley: somewhat cross "Well?"

Todd: "No."

Stanley: after a long sigh "Now that, my dear boy, was an Ooh-aah bird. Have you heard of the ooh-aah bird?"

Todd: "No"

Stanley: "The Ooh-ahh bird, Todd, is a three-pound bird that lays a four-pound egg." Pantomiming the egg-laying process "Oooooooooooh .. ahhhhhhhhhh!!!"

Stanley and Todd continue their pacing about the stage

Stanley: turning around and yelling at Todd "Did you see that! Did you see that!"

Todd, deciding to be clever "Er, um, ah, yes! Yes, I did see that!"

Stanley: "Then why in the blazes did you step in it?"


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