Volume 6 Issue 9
April 2000


String Maze
Mt Diablo Silverado Council

You will need for each player (or Team):

  • A different colored ball of sting or yarn
  • A pencil
  • A prize

Preparation: Tie the prize to the end of the string. Hide the prize somewhere in the room. Unwind the ball of string completely, passing over, under and around table legs, furniture and other objects in the room. Tie a pencil on the remaining end of the string. Repeat this with each ball of string, don't worry about crossing the strings; this will add to the fun.

To play: Give each boy (or team - could be a den) a pencil and tell him there is a prize at the end of the string. Have them wind the string around the pencil as the work their way around the room to find the prize.


What Am I?
York Adams Council

For a fun pre-opening activity, prepare as many "tags" as you will have people for the meeting. On each tag write a tree type. (Make them common names.) Obviously, repeats are allowed.
As people arrive, have the "Welcoming Den" tape a tag on the back of each person. Each person talks to other people to get ideas about what kind of tree name is written on his tag without anyone actually saying the tree name!

York Adams Council

Write the letters F-O-R-E-S-T down the left-hand side of a page and give out copies of it with the instructions to find people whose first names begin with the different letters. See how many people in the Pack can fill out the whole sheet.

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