Volume 6 Issue 9
April 2000


National Capital Area Ceremony

Introduce this ceremony by reminding each Scout that trees provide us with many useful things. Point out that trees can be useful, but also that they should be cherished and protected for their natural beauty and shade.

Each boy should draw a picture based on his assigned line (see below), then read the line in turn.

Scout 1: "What do I see when I see a tree?
Oranges and apples and peaches to eat."

Scout 2: What do I see when I see a tree?
A pinewood derby car made by Dad and me."

Scout 3: What do I see when I see a tree?
The paper for books in the library?"

Scout 4: What do I see when I see a tree?
The walls of the home of my family."

Scout 5: What do I see when I see a tree?
The hull of Pilgrim ships sailing across the sea."

Scout 6: What do I see when I see a tree?
The staff of our flag, that flies so free."

CM: "In honor of our flag that flies so free, would you please join us in the Pledge of Allegiance."

Opening Ceremony
Trapper Trails Council

Preparation: Make signs with the pictures of the following trees or if you are really lucky and have these trees in your back yard; carefully cut a small twig from each one (enough so you can tell there are different kinds of trees). Sugar Maple, White Ash, Red Cedar, Long Leaf Pine, Douglas Fir, Aspen, and White Birch.

This is a Sugar Maple; it gives us maple syrup.
This tree is a White Ash, it is used to make baseball bats.
You get pencils from this tree, it is a Red Cedar.
Turpentine is a product from the Long Leaf Pine.
The most important lumber is the Douglas Fir.
Spools are made from this White Birch.

This is an Aspen tree, it is used to make matches. Don't use matches near it or other trees, you need to protect the trees in our forests. We need to learn conservation of all our natural resources.

Let's pledge allegiance to our great country and all its natural resources.

York Adams Council

Materials: 6 Cub Scouts 6 pieces of paper with the letters spelling NATURE printed in them. Each Cub Scout holds up his letter and reads his lines (glue to back of letter card). You can have the boys prepare these cards with pictures or fancy lettering.

N- Stands for your NAME; be proud of it. As you advance from Bobcat to Arrow of Light, you will add new honors to your name. Everything you do affects your good name and your family.

A- Is for ATTITUDE. Attitude affects your spirit. Cub Scouts know that, just as sunshine is essential for life, being cheerful and playing fair help a den grow and make scouting fun.

T- Is for TASK. Each Cub Scout works hard at each job.

U- Is for USEFULNESS. Your place in life depends on learning a lot and then using what you learn.

R- Means you're READY. Just as squirrels gather food for the future, so Cub Scouts work hard and advance getting ready to be Boy Scouts.

E- Stands for ENERGY. As the bee is always busy, Cub Scouts keep active giving goodwill.

NATURE - God's way of telling us He cares. Let us always be grateful for His gifts and His guidance.

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