Volume 6 Issue 9
April 2000



In 1900 there were 38 National Forests with 46.52 area (million acres). In 1997 there are 155 National Forest with 187.42 area (million acres)

Modern chewing gum had its beginning in the late 1860s when chicle was brought to the United States. Chicle comes from the milky juice (latex) of the sapodilla tree, which grows in the tropical rain forests of Central America.

If a tree leaves look like needles it's a conifer. If they are flat and broad they are deciduous.

Dendrochronology is the study of tree rings

Banana trees are the largest herbaceous plants in the world. They are not true trees because they do not develop woody stems. Their "trunks" are actually the overlapping bases of the leaves.
The bark of the redwood tree is fireproof. Fires in redwood forests take place inside the trees.

Oak trees do not have acorns until they are fifty years or more.

The Swiss Family Robinson tree house in Disneyland has 300,000 fake leaves on it which are changed twice a year to reflect the different seasons.


Environmental Facts
York Adams Council

When an aluminum can is recycled, the energy used to make a new can is only 10% of the energy used to make aluminum from raw bauxite.

Indoor air is often polluted by every-day substances which can build up over time such as: radon, paint, cigarette smoke, plastics, cleansers, pesticides, dry cleaning fumes, and wood refinishing chemicals. Periodically let in fresh air, especially during the winter.

Nationally, the biggest polluter of our air are automobiles. Cars are a major source of the gases and vapors which have been linked to acid rain, smog and global warming.

A water faucet with a small leak can waste 50 gallons of water a day?

April 22, 1970 was the first Earth Day, and has been celebrated every year on that date. Local Earth Day festivals are usually on the weekend before or after April 22.

The Midwest and the Northeast consume more candy per region than the South, Southwest, West or Mid-Atlantic states.

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