Volume 6 Issue 8
March 2000


Trapper Trails Council

  1. Cut a branch from a tree and "plant" in a bucket or pot, hang the awards from the tree.
  2. Give each boy a neckerchief slide made from a slice of a tree with each award.

Webelos Activity Pin Ceremony
Will Rogers Council

Purpose: To recognize a Webelos who has earned an activity pin.

Props: Poster made of Webelos colors with activity pins and cards attached.

Tonight we have the privilege of recognizing Webelos Scouts that have earned an activity pin since their last Pack meeting. As you can see from our Pack's Webelos colors, that ____ Scouts have earned their pins.
Would Webelos Scout's ____ (Name/Names) ______ and his/their parents please come forward? _____(Name of the 1st Scout) ____ I have shown that you have earned the ___ (name activity pin) _____pin, would you like to share one thing that you did to earn this pin? I would like to give this to your parent/s and ask that they pin it to your colors.

Poster: Enlarged the metal part of the Webelos colors.

This Little Tree is a Symbol
York Adams Council

Personnel: Cubmaster, Den Leaders, advancing Cub Scouts, Webelos and parents.

Equipment: A three foot high tree with several branches, set tree in a can of mortar; green paper leaves (made with thin wire frame with wire frame sticking out) with Cub Scouts' names, awards, badges, and arrow points.

Cubmaster: This little tree is a symbol of the natural beauty of our land. The tree also represents Cub Scouting. It takes a long time for a beautiful tree to grow. In the same way, a Cub Scout spends a lot of time and effort in advancing from rank to rank. So do his parents who help him. Today we will see how much prettier this Cub Scouting tree will be when we put some leaves on it. Each of these leaves represents the time and effort put into their advancement work by our Cub Scout and parents. (Call forward boys and their parents who are receiving wolf badges and arrow points, give them their awards and have them put one leaf on the tree for each award they receive. Award Bear badges and arrow points and have those boys also put leaves on the tree. After all the awards are presented and leaves added to the tree, the Cubmaster resumes speaking.) Each of you has helped nurture this tree. Just as trees endure for many years, so the values you have gained from working on achievements, electives and Webelos activity pins will last you a lifetime. May you always stand strong and tall like a tree--and be a beautiful resource for our land.

What Do We Plant
York Adams Council

Props: Make a large tree from cardboard, or paint one on an appliance box. For each award to be given, cut out a green paper leaf. Write the Cub's name on the leaf and tape on his awards. Arrange the leaves on a table beside the tree.

What to we plant when we plant a tree?
We plant a ship, which will cross the sea.
We plant the mast to carry the sail.
We plant the planks to withstand the gale,
The keeps, the keelson, the beam, and knee.
We plant a ship when we plant a tree.

What do we plant when we plant a tree?
We plant the house for you and me.
We plant the rafters, the shingles, the floors,
We plant the studding, the lath, and doors.
The beams and siding are all parts we need.
We plant a house when we plant a tree.

What do we plant when we plant a tree?
A thousand things that we daily see.
The paper for books from which we learn,
Tools to help us do a good turn.
The wood for a Pinewood Derby car,
For model planes that we fly so far.
We plant the staff for the flag of the free,
Yes, we plant all these when we plant a tree.

But what do we plant when we plant a lad?
With the help of his mother and his dad.
We plant a Cub who'll become a Scout,
We plant ideas that will round him out,
The skills, the games, the joy to be had.
We plant a Scout when we plant a lad.

Cubmaster calls forward boys and parents at this time. As awards are given, each boy tapes his leaf onto the tree branches.

You have all helped make this tree more beautiful. It is a part of you. Just as Mother Nature's trees endure for many years, the things you have learned from your achievements and badges will last you a lifetime. May you always stand straight and tall like a tree, and be a worthy resource of our country.

What do we plant when we plant a lad?

We plant a Scout when we plant a lad.

Congratulations to all of you.

Den Chief Service Award
York Adams Council

Personnel: Cubmaster, den chief receiving award, Scoutmasters den leader, and Cub Scouts from den chief's den, Assistant Cubmaster.

Equipment: Service award cord.

Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, den leaders, and Cub Scouts are arranged in a semicircle with the den chief in its center in front of the room. The Assistant Cubmaster narrates.

Assistant Cubmaster: The den chief service award recognizes den chiefs who lead and serve their dens for at least 1 year. This award emphasizes your key role within Boy Scouting and compliments you for your important service. It is you, the den chief, who brings the fun of Boy Scouting to Cub Scouts and who brings eager Webelos Scouts into your troop. You have helped the Cub Scouts in you den to the best of your ability. You have encouraged, guided, and protected them in all den and pack activities. You have shown them by example what a Boy Scout can be. You have been prompt and dependable and have cooperated with your leaders in carrying out the den program. In addition to all this you have advanced in rank in Boy Scouting and have earned additional merit badges, we of Pack _____ thank and congratulate you for your part in making us the best pack in the (name) council. Scoutmaster (name), do you wish to say anything at this time? Cubmaster (name), do you have any other comments? Leaders of the den (number) do you have anything to add? Cub Scouts from Den (number), would any of you like to say anything?

(Name) at this time we would like you den leader to place your new service cord on your left shoulder. Would you all join me in congratulating this den chief?

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