Volume 6 Issue 8
March 2000


Discover Nature and Energy #3
Heart of America Council

The goal of these activities is to develop in your child an appreciation of the world around him. In addition, several of the activities provide an opportunity to explore energy conservation. You are given the opportunity through this Big Idea to reinforce your own values about environment, energy and even spirituality.


  1. Family Camping
  2. Nature walks

Nature Scavenger Hunt

This can be done in a local park, nature center or even your back yard. The boys should be warned that the only natural items that should be picked up are those lying on the ground. Don't break down trees and pick flowers.

In this scavenger hunt, provide each partner with a paper bag and a list of items. The person returning with the most items, within the time limit that you set, wins.

 Pinecone, twig, 2 different leaves, bug, piece of moss, litter, seed, worm, clover-one, feather, flat oval stone, dandelion 

Fitness and Sports #15
Heart of America Council

Sport and physical fitness can help give a boy more self-confidence and self-esteem. If good sportsmanship and teamwork are emphasized, the boy will learn some important things that extend far beyond sports.


  1. Visit a park and have a nature walk.
  2. Take a fitness walk, visit a fitness trail or make your own by stopping every few yards to do different exercises.


Balloon Tennis
Make a Racket!
Heart of America Council

Wire Coat hanger
Nylon stocking
Colored tape

  1. Pull a wire coat hanger into a diamond shape and straighten the hook.
  2. Push the hanger into a nylon stocking, making sure it fits snugly into the toe. Pull the stocking tightly over the hanger to form a taut net.
  3. Gather the loose end by twisting it around the handle and taping it to the handle.
  4. Bend half the hook of the hanger back to the base of the diamond. Twist tape around the entire wire to form a handle and you are ready to play.

Have a Balloon Tennis Race!
Heart of America Council

  1. Mark start and finish lines about 10 yards apart.
  2. Divide the group into pairs. Each should have two rackets and a balloon.
  3. When the leader says, "Go", partners begin walking, hitting the balloon back and forth while trying to maneuver to the finish line. Players have to direct their balloons while avoiding other balloon batters.
  4. The first pair of players to cross the finish line is the winner.


Cub Scouting, Here We Come #17
Heart of America Council

This big idea will be carried out by you and your group and by your Tiger Cub organizer. Unlike the other Big Ideas, this Big Idea is set up on an organized basis and it is designed to be held at specified times of the year.

Preparation for Cub Scouts

  1. Watch the video of the Jungle book. This is the story that Mr. Powell used to organize the Cub Scouts. The beginning of the Wolf Book will give you background information.
  2. Go over the requirements to earn the Bobcat badge.


  1. Have your flags already posted for Pack meeting. Dress your Tigers to resemble wounded Civil War soldiers, choosing three to represent the drummer, the limping fife player and the third to carry a small American flag. While a recording of "Yankee Doodle" is playing, Tiger Cubs can enter the stage from the side, stopping in the center to face audience. Group Leader, speaking to audience, "Please join us for the Pledge of Allegiance." After the pledge has been recited, Tigers can exit the stage the same way they entered.
  2. Have your Pack and American Flags already posted at start of Pack Meeting. (These large flags are hard for some little Tigers to carry.)
    Have Tigers line up on stage with four of them holding letters forming the word flag. Extra boys on either end of line holding handmade flags. (out of construction paper)
    Tiger holding letter "F" can say "F is for freedom." Tiger holding "L" can say, "L is for loyalty." Tiger holding "A" can say, "A is for America." Tiger holding letter "G" can say, "G is for the greatest country in the world."

The Group Leader then has the group lead the audience in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Heart of America Council

  1. Repeat this cheer three times. The first time is spoken softly, the second a little louder and the third time is yelled loudly with a Tiger growl at the end.

    The wonderful thing about Tigers,
    is Tigers are wonderful things!
  2. Tigers have the spirit
    Yes we do!
    Tigers have the spirit
    How about you?
    After the first yell, have the Tigers point to a group of Wolves, the second time, point to a group of Bears and the third time, point to a group of Webelos.
  3. We're the Tigers
    And we're proud to say
    We'll be back next year as wolves
    'Cause that's the Cub Scout way.
  4. Give me a T--------T
    Give me an I--------I
    Give me a G--------G
    Give me an E-------E
    Give me an R-------R

    Put it together and what does it spell?
    What does it say?

Family Graduation
Mount Silverado Diablo Council

Equipment needed: Tiger Cub Emblems, Graduation Certificates, Tiger Cub service stars (one year with orange backing)
Poster with photographs of each graduating Tiger Cub doing an activity with his family or den

Cubmaster: (Holding up or pointing to poster) The family is one of the basic components of the Cub Scout program. Tonight, we are honoring a very special group of our pack family - our Tiger Cubs. They are graduating into Cub Scouting. Will the following Tiger Cubs and their families please come forward?

Tiger Cub Coach: (Reads the names of the graduating Tiger Cubs. When all are in front, the ceremony continues.)

Tiger Cubs, is it your wish to become Cub Scouts? If so, answer, "Yes.

Tiger Cubs: Yes.

Cubmaster: Parents, do you wish your son to participate in den and pack activities as a Cub Scout, and do you understand that it is your responsibility, as parents, to help your son work on his rank and help make the pack go? If so, answer, "I do."

Parents: I do.

Tiger Cub Coach: Tiger Cubs and adult partners, please give the Cub Scout sign and repeat the Cub Scout promise with me.

Boys & Adults: (Give sign and state promise.)

Cubmaster: Tiger Cubs, do you wish to live the Cub Scout Promise and follow the Law of the Pack? If so, say "yes."

Tiger Cubs: Yes.

Cubmaster: Since you have completed your Tiger Cub year and have shown your desire to become Cub Scouts, (Name of Tiger Cub Coach) and I are delighted to present you with your Tiger Cub Emblem, your Tiger Cub graduation certificate, and your Tiger Cub service star. (CM presents emblem, Coach presents certificate and star)

Cubmaster: Congratulations! You are now a Cub Scout in Pack ________ (CM leads pack in fun cheer or applause stunt.)

Tiger Graduation Ceremony
York Adams Council

This is a simple ceremony outline designed to graduate Tiger Cubs and Adult partners into a Cub Scout pack. Remember, the best ceremony has not been written yet; so feel free to write your own or improvise on this one.

Materials: Four candles and candle holders. Cub Scout neckerchiefs and slides (one for each Tiger).

People: Cubmaster, group organizer and den leader(s).

Cubmaster: (Call boys and adult partners forward. Stand in front facing the pack. Candle holder with candles is in front of the Tigers.)

"Search-Discover-Share" has been the motto of this Tiger Cub group for the past several months. You have been exploring new things and places and used this motto in home, school and neighborhood.

(Light the candle on left) You and your partner have SEARCHED out your home community and have worked together and had fun.

(Light candle in middle) You and your partner have DISCOVERED new things together with family and friends and had a sense of being a part of the community and your country.

(Light the third candle) You and your partner have SHARED with your family and friends and your fellow Tiger Cubs.

Now it is time to take your first move up the Scouting trail to Cub Scouts. (Light the fourth candle) In Cub Scouting, your family is still important as it is throughout your whole Scouting experience. Support in earning each badge comes from your family as well as from your den leader. Your parents will help you each step of the way.


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