Volume 6 Issue 8
March 2000


Trapper Trails Council

Flea Clap-Have everyone raise his hands above his head. Applaud by clicking the nails of the thumb and forefinger of each hand.

Butterfly with hiccups - Snap finger as hands flutter around.
Mosquito - With your hands, slap yourself on the neck, arms, legs, etc, while saying, "Oooo, Ahhh, Ouch!"

Trapper Trails Council

What do you call a bee that can't make up it's mind?
--A May bee.

How did the firefly feel when he ran into the fan?

"I just saw a moth crying."
"That's impossible."
"Haven't you ever heard of a moth bawl."

What is worse than finding a worm in an apple?
--Finding half a worm.

Mosquito #1: Hey, I got a good one! Which sport do we mosquitoes like best?
Mosquito #2: Easy! Skin-diving. Say, did you hear what the Cub Scout said to the mosquito.
Mosquito #1: No, what?
Mosquito #2: Don't bug me!

Mosquito #1: Are you related to any of the bugs around here?
Mosquito #2: Sure. My ant.

Mosquito #1: Did you hear what the mother grasshopper said to her children?
Mosquito #2: No, tell me.
Mosquito #1: Hop to it!

Cub #1: These mosquitoes are awful! Lucky I brought the insect repellent. (Pretends to spray air.)
(Mosquitoes exit quickly, choking and gagging.)
Cub #2: Say, what has 18 feet, red eyes, and long claws.
Cub #1: I don't know.
Cub #2: Neither do I, but it's crawling up your neck.

York Adams Council

Butterfly Applause: Stuff thumbs into armpits and flap "wings."

Bug Applause: When the leader waves hands (as if to "shoo" away a bee or mosquito, make buzzing sound (zzzzzzz). When leader finally slaps hands together (as in smacking the bug) everyone stops.

Bee Applause: Put arms out to sides pretending to fly, while saying "Buzz, buzz, buzz."

Flea Handclap: Have everyone raise their hands above their head. Applaud by clicking your middle fingernail with your thumbnail.

Mosquito Applause: Rapidly slap your hand, face, neck, arms, etc. as if to swat away "skeeters."

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