Volume 6 Issue 8
March 2000


Bug Under Glass
Trapper Trails Council

Clear resin (found in craft stores)
The shallow end of a plastic Easter egg
Plastic of real bugs

Mix resin according to package directions. Use an empty egg carton to hold egg halves. Pour resin into shells 3/4 full. Insert bugs upside down press them close to the bottom but not touching the edge of the egg. Insert a tie slide when mixture is almost dry. When they are dry break the shell of and you have a bug under glass tie slide.

Insect Display Case
Trapper Trails Council

Use a clear plastic film container with the snap on lid. Using pliers hold a nail over a stove until hot. Using the hot nail poke 2 holes on one side of the plastic bottle about 1" apart. Make a ring from pipe cleaner by poking it through the holes and twisting it to complete the ring. With a hot needle punch air holes into the lid of the container. Put a twig and a leaf into the bottle, now you are ready to catch a creepy crawly critter to put in your display case. This is a unique slide. You can change the contents of your display case anytime you'd like.

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