Volume 6 Issue 8
March 2000


The Raisin
Greater New York Council

Need: 5 Scouts (1 to be a table).

1st Scout comes out: Gets down on all fours, pretenting to be a table.

2nd Scout comes out, looks at the table and declares; "Ah, a fly, I think I'll pull it's wings off" Proceeds to pick it up, pluck the wings, put it back on the table, and walks off.
3rd Scout comes out, looks at the fly on the table and says; "Oh, a fly with no wings, I think I'll pull it's legs off", With great precision and animation, picks up the fly, removes it's legs, and puts it back and walks off.
4th Scout comes out, looks at the fly and announces; "Say, a fly with no wings and no legs, I think I'll pull its head off." Then proceeds as the other Scout before him.
Last Scout comes out looks at the table, then carefully inspects the object with out picking it up and says very quickly "A raisin!" and quickly picks it up and puts it in his mouth

Cub Cookout
York Adams Council

Characters: Several Cubs around fake campfire pretending to cook hot dogs on sticks. Two Cubs dressed as mosquitoes--antennae, wings etc.

Setting: Boys around fire keep slapping as if they are being attacked by mosquitoes throughout the skit. As the scene opens, the two mosquitoes enter the stage and continue walking randomly around the boys as they deliver their lines.

Mosquito #1: Hey, I got a good one! Which sport do we mosquitoes like best?
Mosquito #2: Easy! Skin diving. Say, did you hear what the Cub Scout said to the mosquito.

Mosquito #1: No, what?
Mosquito #2: Don't bug me!

Mosquito #1: Are you related to any of the bugs around here?
Mosquito #2: Sure. My ant.

Mosquito #1: Did you hear what the mother grasshopper said to her children?
Mosquito #2: No -- tell me.
Mosquito #1: Hop to it!

Cub #1: These mosquitoes are awful! Lucky I brought the insect repellent. (Pretends to spray air.) (Mosquitoes exit quickly -- choking and gagging.)
Cub #2: (To cub #1) Say, what has 18 feet, red eyes, and long claws.
Cub #1: I don't know.
Cub #2: Neither do I, but it's crawling up your neck.
(All boys run screaming from stage.)

The Outing
York Adams Council

Setting: Den Chief is narrator. He is taking the boys on a nature hike. As the narration is read, the boys pantomime (suggested movements below). The Cub Scouts real names may be substituted for those shown below. If desired, scenery may be used, such as trees, shrubs, etc. Curtain opens with boys lined behind Den Chief, ready to take hike.

Den Chief:
I'll take you on a nature hike
You boys in Gold and Blue
You'll know what hiking's all about
Before this day's through.

(Sing Chorus to tune of the Kool Aid Song)
Cubbing, Cubbing...It's great
We love Cubbing...can't wait.

Den Chief:
Whose magnifying glass is this?
You should have held it higher!
You see, the rays came from the sun
And set poor Tom on fire!
(Den Chief holds up an imaginary magnifying glass while Tom grabs the seat of his pants and dances around.)

Boys: Chorus

Den Chief:
But never fear, Salt Creek's nearby
First aid is what we're learning
Oh boys, you threw the wrong guy in,
It's Tommy here who's burning.
(Another boy shakes himself off and frowns)

Boys: Chorus

Please don't wade out into the green
You'll drown and I'll not know,
Besides a snapping turtle there
Just bit off Bill's big toe.
(Bill hops around holding his foot)

Boys: Chorus

Den Chief:
Please, Steve, don't hang there by your knees
You're apt to come to harm,
CRASH. What's that you're trying to say
You think you've broken your arm?
(Steve holds his arm and pantomimes pain)

Boys: Chorus

Den Chief:
I know you're from the city, Rick
And I'm not one who gripes,
But black cats from these woods of ours
Just don't come with white stripes!
(Rick holds up an imaginary skunk, while other boys hold their noses)

Boys: Chorus

Den Chief:
Your foot's caught in a gopher hole,
Is that your trouble, Gary?
Well, don't go away. I'll be right back
A snake has bitten Larry.
(Both boys pantomime their predicaments)

Boys: Chorus

Den Chief:
Alright now, Bill, where's the treats?
We all could use a snack.
But a hole tore in your paper bag
About a half mile back?
(Bill holds up imaginary bag and looks sheepish)

Boys: Chorus

Den Chief:
OK boys, hit the trail for home.
I hate to be a pill
But this ain't a dance I'm doing,
I just sat on an ant hill.
(Den Chief squirms and wiggles around scratching himself)

The Picnic
York Adams Council

Characters: Mom, Dad, two Uncles and Billy. (Someone should introduce characters.)

Costumes: Everyone is in summer wear and ready for a picnic.

Props: Picnic basket, blanket spread out on ground, plates, cups, etc. and Billy with a ball.

Scene: Mom, Dad and the two Uncles are sitting around the blanket and Billy with a ball.

Billy: Mom, When do we eat?

Mom: As soon as your aunts arrive, Billy.

Dad: This is a great day for a picnic.

1st Uncle: The weatherman said we're going to have sunshine all day and the weatherman is always right! (sound effect of thunder)

2nd Uncle: Almost always right!

Billy: Mom, when are going to eat?

Mom: As soon as your aunts arrive, Billy!

Dad: Anyone here want to go to the Tiger baseball game with me next Saturday?

2nd Uncle: I will, we should have a roaring good time!

1st Uncle: You ain't just ly-in (lion)! That would be a Paw-fect day.

Billy: Mom, when are we going to eat?

Mom: As soon as your aunts arrive, Billy. (Billy leaves with disgust, but comes back quickly with some "ants". A large ant made from cardboard on a string and put it in front of his mothers face. Mom screams.)

Dad: What's the meaning of this, Billy!

Billy: I'm hungry!! Mom said we'd eat as soon as my aunts are here!

Hiking with Bugs
Heart of America Council

Personnel: 6 Cubs (Cub 2 should be the smallest boy in the group)
Equipment: A tent set up as in the out of doors, 2 small flashlights
Setting: 4 very tired and dirty Cubs, are scratching and examining their bites.

Cub 1: Boy am I glad to be back from that hike. I'm tired.

Cub 2: The mosquitoes must have called up all of their relatives and told them we were coming. I've been eaten alive.

Cub 3: They said a day hike, not an all day hike. Not only were we out near the river, but we were out all day. Gave those critters too much of a chance to eat at me.

Cub 4: I feel the same way. I couldn't feel worse if I'd been run over by a semi-truck.

Cub 1: Bugs! Bugs everywhere. I wouldn't mind if they didn't itch so much.

Cub 3: The blisters don't hurt as much as the itch itches.

Cub 4: Those insects hadn't seen human being in years. Here put some of this on all the spots. (Boys pass around a first aid ointment. Little lights start flashing in the dark, use 2 boys waving small flashlights)

Cub 2: We'd better get inside our tent now! The bugs are out looking for us with flashlights.

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