Volume 6 Issue 8
March 2000


Outdoor Code
Heart of America Council

Personnel: 7 Cub Scouts

Equipment: A candle for each Cub Scout to light from a central candle and a table.

Setting: Each Cub Scout has a candle to light, a larger candle is placed on a table (a Leader or narrator may refer to it as the Spirit of Nature, the Conservation Candle or some other appropriate name). Each lights his candle and reads the following statements. (There may be a need to write additional ones if there are more participants.)

Cub 1: We have been observing and studying Nature's treasures.

Cub 2: We will help to maintain Nature's balance.

Cub 3: We will help and learn from Nature's animals.

Cub 4: We will help maintain Nature's resources.

Cub 5: We will help protect them from harm.

Cub 6: We will follow the law of nature.

Cub 7: The Outdoor Code

As an American, I will do my best to --

Be clean in my outdoor manners,

Be careful with fire

Be considerate in the outdoors

Be conservation minded.


Personnel: Cubmaster or Den Leader and 8 Cubs

Equipment: 8 large cards. One for each of the letters of the word Mosquito.

M - is for the memories we will share tonight, and the memories of our time at camp.
O - is for the opportunity we are fortunate to have - the opportunity to grow together at camp, to learn new skills, and to share together around an open fire.
S - is for the super activities and people we meet when we are at Camp.
Q - is for the quiet times we experience together, times when we can reflect on the wonderful friends we have made.
U - is for the ultimate peacefulness in the out of doors.
I - is for the inspiration we receive from nature, and from friends.
T - is for the terrific people we meet each day.
O - is short for "On with the Show"
Cubmaster: And when you put these all together, what do you get?
Cubmaster: Both the mosquitoes and I welcome you to tonight’s pack meeting.

York Adams Council

The boys should prepare for the Opening Ceremony during one of their den meetings, preparing the props and practicing what they're going to say. For the props, have the boys draw each letter on a separate piece of paper/cardboard (big enough to be seen everywhere in the Pack Meeting area) and cut out or draw pictures that relate to what they're going to say.

Cub 1: "N" is for Nighttime
When many animals come out,
Like the owl and the bat,
The possum with its snout.

Cub 2: "A" is for Always,
When there are special things to see.
You can find big ones and small ones,
An elephant or bee.

Cub 3: "T" is for Time
We should take all we can.
To stop and appreciate
The beauty of the land.

Cub 4: "U" is for Unbelievable
What the Creator has given us
So we should stop to smell flowers
Not in a hurry or a fuss.

Cub 5: "R" is for Remember,
Where this beauty comes from.
And remember to be thankful
For each rising sun.

Cub 6: "E" is for Everyone,
Yes, all should see take part
For Nature is from God
And it comes from the heart.

Opening Our Eyes
York Adams Council

Personnel: 6 Cub Scouts, looking around the stage.

Cub #1 - What's that up in the sky - a dragon, a plane, a cloud?
Cub #2 - I've seen lots of bugs, but never one like this, have you?
Cub #3 - That's a pretty bird up in that tall tree; I wish I knew what kind it was.
Cub #4 - I wonder if we could play ball or maybe even have a picnic out here.
Cub #5 - Let's ask our Den Leader or our parents. I'm sure they will let us.
Cub #6 - Boy, you guys have really opened up my eyes to all the fun we can have by sharing the things we're interested in.
Together - Would you please stand, and join us in the Pledge of Allegiance.

God's Handiwork
York Adams Council

Personnel: Cub Scouts
Equipment: Each boy holding a nature scene
Setting: Boys lined up in front of audience.

Cub #1: We've learned a lot about taking care of this wondrous planet of ours.
Cub #2: We will protect and clean up the air, so all can enjoy the stars.
Cub #3: We won't litter our fields and streams or throw our trash on the roads.
Cub #4: We will enjoy all the sun's beams and protect the homes of the toads.
Cub #5: Nature is truly a wondrous thing. God's handiwork is everywhere.
Cub #6: In flowers and trees and butterfly wings, in clean water, clean fields and clean air.

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