Volume 6 Issue 8
March 2000


Bug Races
Trapper Trails Council

Draw a large circle on the driveway with sidewalk chalk. Let the boy catch a bug. Each boy places his bug close to the center of the circle. When the leader says go, all the boys release their bug. First but to crawl or jump out of the circle is the winner.

Caterpillar Race
Trapper Trails Council

Line up groups in single file. The first Cub Scout in each line places his hands on the ground. Each teammate behind him bends forward and grasps the ankles of the player in front of him. On signal, the columns move forward in this position. When the last player in the column crosses the finish line the team has completed the race, provided that their line is still intact. The first team to complete the race wins.

Heart of America Council

Equipment: Broom stick

Line up teams of 8, 12, or 16. Have the first four Cub Scouts on each team straddle a broomstick with their left hands grasping the stick. On signal, they run to a designated line, return, and give the stick to the next four players in their line. If any player releases his hold on the stick, he must regain it before his team may progress further. The first team through wins.

Spider Race
Heart of America Council

Equipment: Rope

Divide group into set of two boys each. Tie each set of boys together at belt loops or belts. With four arms and legs, they are now spiders. Have the boys compete in a race across the playing area. They must travel with just their hand and feet touching the ground.

Critter Catching Contest

York Adams Council

Divide the den into two teams. Give each boy in one team a balloon (not over-filled) to tie around his ankle. On the command "GO" the other team tries to stomp on the critters (pop the balloons) in a set amount of time. After that, the teams reverse.

Centipede Rope Race
York Adams Council

Divide the den into two equal teams. Give each team a long rope. On "GO" each boy, in turn, ties the rope around his waist and then sits down. The first team to be completely seated wins.

Centipede Run
York Adams Council

Divide the den into two teams. Again using a long rope, each boy ties it around his waist. Have the two teams race a distance. The first across the finish line wins.

York Adams Council

Boys assume prone position, with body extended, face down, arms fully extended, with hands on floor and fingers spread. Holding the hands stationary, walk the feet up as close to hands as possible. Then, with feet stationary, walk hands forward to starting position. Repeat. Have a race for the fastest inchworm or see who can go farthest in six actions.

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