Volume 6 Issue 7
February 2000


Look Wide --a 75th Anniversary Poem
The Best Of The Leader Cut-Out Pages

So you've just become a Scouter
And you've got a gang of boys,
And you wonder; "Will the trail ahead
Be filled with cares or joys?"

So you've studied up your handbook
And you've learned about each test,
And you've read a bunch of books that tell
Of Scouting at it's best.

You're full of plans on ways and means
To build a top-notch troop,
And you're searching conscientiously
For leaders in your group.

There's that skinny lad with the missing tooth
And the kid with the squeaky voice,
Or that freckled, chubby guy with the grin,
All regular, fun-loving boys.

Well, at last you've found the leaders,
Red-haired Tim with the crippled hand,
Eager Eric who talks with an accent
He was a Scout in his native land.

Soon at camps and hikes and meetings
High adventures you have shared,
And you've walked the trail together
Learning skills to "Be Prepared."

There were times you felt like quitting,
When some fellows let you down,
But the stuff you saw in others
Made you smile instead of frown.

And you watched them grow to manhood,
Others came and took their places,
Yet somehow you found among them
All the old familiar faces.

And a stranger's friendly greeting
Often made you wonder "Why?"
Till he chuckled, "I am Peanuts!"
And you talked of days gone by.

"Skinny is now a policeman
And Freckles an engineer,
Eric has become a doctor,
Tim sell autos here.

Smoky is now a minister
And Slugger owns a store.
But Chips, who played his guitar at camp
Didn't come back from the war."

So you've grown old as a Scouter
With memories that you treasure,
And if anyone asks, "Was it worth it?"
You'll say, "In the fullest measure!"

From the Pack Resource Book
Scouts Canada

May you taste to the full of that happiness which comes of making others happy. (B.P.)


The following comes from the Cub Scout Idea Factory I attended in Georgia last year.

You might be a Cub Scout Leader if:

You own little bits of every color felt

You buy eggs this week because you need the container

Your favorite cologne is "Deep Woods Off:

You know 100 uses for a bandana

You spontaneously break into strange songs in public

You carry your own toilet paper wherever you go

You see paint samples in a store and immediately figure out how you can use them in a den meeting

You always cook enough to feed a whole den

Everything in your cupboard says "instant just add water"

Your neighbors hide when they see you going door to door with "that order form" in your hand

You have to go to the bathroom and you start looking for a buddy

All your shirts have pin holes in them

You have a collection of used candles.

Someone asks for a volunteer and you find that your hand is already in the air

Every rope at home has the ends whipped

You always have both boy and adult registration forms in your red bag

You have helped raise each others children

You are quoted as saying "signs up" at work

Your closets are full; not with clothes but craft stuff

You have a woven coaster for your coffee cup at the office

You've heard (and believed) the phrase "it's only an hour a week"

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