Volume 6 Issue 7
February 2000


Taste Test
York Adams Council

This is a takeoff on Kim's Game and is done using the sense of taste. Premix a dozen different flavors in liquid form and have them in small sampling jars (like mason jars or baby food jars. Flavors can include extracts (like vanilla and almond), drink flavors (like cherry and grape juices), diluted vinegar, etc. Place the flavors at numbered stations and hand out cards with the numbers next to blank lines. Also have toothpicks (many of them) at each station so that each person can use a different toothpick at each station. Let everyone try each flavor and try to identify as many as they can. The winners are those that identify the most flavors. As rewards for all the valiant efforts, give everyone flavored tootsie rolls or lollypops.


In the Refrigerator
York Adams Council

What's one of a Cub Scout's favorite scouting places, but "in the refrigerator"? Give out sheets of paper that have "in the refrigerator" across the top. Then have everyone try to get as many words as possible from the letters. What should happen to the winner, but a trip to the refrigerator and an ice cream certificate!


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