Volume 6 Issue 7
February 2000


Colorful Cake Walk
Heart of America Council

Tape colored square on chairs or around table. As the music plays, cubs walk past the squares and stop by the closest square when the music stops. The leader draws a square from a box, and the boy standing by the matching colored square wins. The boy chooses his prize from a box of cupcakes. The game continues until all are winners.


Monster Messy Face
Heart of America Council

Use this variation of Pin the Tail on the Donkey by drawing a large monster face on a poster board. Give your monster a large mouth opening. Each Cub receives a different kind of food cut out with piece of tape on the back to feed to the monster. Blindfold each Cub, spin him around and watch where the food ends up - in the hair, on the ear, on the chin. There is no winner. The object of the game is to see how messy you can make the monster's face.


Heart of America Council

Divide the den into two parallel lines about ten feet apart. Stand the Den Chief at the head to call the names of vegetables. When corn is called, the Cub Scouts are to grasp their ears, on carrots they point to their eyes, for onions they hold their nose. When cabbage is called they place both hands on their head, and for potatoes, they point to their eyes. The Den Leader referees to see which line responds first with the desired action. The first line to have all its members perform the correct action scores a point. The winner is the line that scores ten points first.

Fruit To Market
Heart of America Council

Equipment: Chairs, baskets, duplicate wrapped objects of different sizes and shapes. (Some suggested articles are a potato peeler, a dish towel, a small bowl, a cup, a carrot, a potato, an onion, etc.)

Players are seated in two rows of chairs facing each other. The two rows should have an equal number of players. A basket is placed at the head of each line full of wrapped objects of different sizes and shapes. Each basket should contain articles of different sizes and shapes. Each basket should contain articles that are duplicates of those in the other basket in order to make the game fair. When the starting signal is given, the player at the head of each line picks up an article from the basket, unwraps it and passes the article down the line, followed by the wrapper. The players at the foot of the line must rewrap each article when it reaches them and place it in the basket at the foot of the line. The line that first passes down all articles and gets them wrapped and into its basket first is the winner.


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