Volume 6 Issue 6
January 2000


Tiger Cub Big Idea #10
Something Special, All Your Own

T-Shirt Slide
Greater St. Louis Area Council


Art Foam
Tulip paint or pens
Pipe cleaner

Cut t-shirt out of art foam. Decorate with tulip paint and glue pipe cleaner on bacl.


Inch-Worm Bookmark


Grosgrain ribbon - about 8" for each bookmark
2 wiggly eyes
4" pipe cleaner
1 pompom - 1/2"
2 small beads

Fold over one end of ribbon, about 2".
Cut two small slits (1/4") in folded ribbon about 1/4" from each edge of fold (on fold).
Insert pipe cleaner through slits. Fold each end to form antennae.
Glue a small bead to the end of each antennae.
Fold 2" tab of ribbon under to form a face.
Glue on eyes and pompom nose.
Fray opposite end of ribbon if desired.


Foot Writing

In bare feet, have the boys write their name with a pencil held between their toes. Is this hard or easy to do?

Trace each boy's foot on a piece of paper. Carefully cut out each footprint. Who has the biggest foot? The smallest foot. How long are the feet together?


Critter Racers
Heart of America Council


Half a walnut shell
Felt (in various colors)
White or low temp. hot glue
Board or plank


1. Decorate the top of a walnut shell to create a critter. Be sure to leave the bottom free.

2. Set your critters over a marble. On a slight incline, you're ready to line them up for a



Sandpaper blocks

Two pieces of wood about the same size.
Sand Paper

1. Sand any rough edges.
2. Glue a spool on one side of each wood piece for a handle.
3. Glue or staple a piece of sandpaper to cover the bottom and at least two sides of each block.
4. By rubbing the blocks together you will achieve a shuffling sound.



The boys sit in a circle. The leader walks around the center and suddenly points to a seated player and says, "Blub-blub-blub." The player must say "Blub", before the leader has finished his last "Blub." If he fails, a point is counted against him. If the leader points at a boy and does not say "Blub, blub, blub", the player must remain silent. If the player says, "Blub", a point is counted. The player with the fewest points at the end of the allotted time is the winner.


Three Tiger Fish
(Tune: Three Blind Mice)

Three Tiger Fish, Three Tiger Fish
See how they swim, See how they swim,
Their tails go left and, their tails go right.
Their gills breathe in and, their gills breathe out.
Did you ever see such a slippery sight
As Three Tiger Fish?




Shoe box
Large nails

1. Remove the lid and the bottom from a shoe box.
2. Tie large nails or spikes onto a sturdy string.
3. Suspend the string between the two sides of the shoe box.
4. Play your chimes by tapping them with another nail or spike.


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