Volume 6 Issue 6
January 2000



Blue and Gold Pass
Simon Kenton Council

You will need: 12 Clothespins painted gold, 12 clothespins painted blue, two empty bags or boxes


How To Play: Divide boys into two teams. Each boy holds the hands of his teammates on either side. On signal, the first boy on each team picks up a clothespin from his pile. He must pass it to the next without dropping hands. The last person drops the pin into the box. If pin drops to the ground players must pick it up without letting go of hands.


Feed The Guest
Simon Kenton Council

This is a good game to play at a Blue and Gold Banquet. Each side of the table plays against the other side.

Place a napkin, bowl of gumdrops, and a package of toothpicks at the end of the table for each team. At the signal, the first person on each side ties the napkin around the neck of the person sitting next to him, spears a gumdrop, and feeds it to that person. This person then unties the napkin from around his neck and repeats the procedure with the next person. This continues on down the table until everyone has been fed!


Seventy Years and Counting!
Simon Kenton Council

2000 marks the 70th anniversary of Cub Scouting in the United States. Let's keep counting!


Have the boys sit in a circle. The first player says "one", the next says "two", etc. But when a player comes to "seven" or a number with a seven in it, he must instead say "blue". When he comes to "zero" or a number with zero in it, he must say "gold".

For example - 75 would be "blue-five", 40 would be "forty-gold", and 70 would be "blue-gold".


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