Volume 6 Issue 6
January 2000


B & G Preparation
York Adams Council


It's that time of year when everyone is getting ready for the Blue & Gold Banquet. There are so many things that a den can do to spruce up their table(s) for the baquet-there is no end to the different ideas. For this year's B&G theme, Turn Back the Clock, here are some ideas for the place settings and table centerpieces.


Note: These are what I call "starter ideas." They're half-baked suggestions as much meant to get your creative juices running as to give you specific ideas. So let go and have fun.




Our dens always made placemats and we made them "permanent" by covering them (front and back) with clear contact paper. Here's the general recipe. Use stock 11X17 size paper (available from any office supplies store) as the basic size. Decorate as you wish. Also, get 2' of contact paper for each placemat you're going to cover. Cut the 18"-wide paper into 12"-long pieces. Carefully peel the backing off of one piece so the contact paper is flat on a surface, sticky side up. Carefully position the decorated 11X17 placemat along one edge of the contact paper so that about 1/2 inch of contact paper is still exposed along the edge. Smooth out the 11X17 onto the contact paper. Finally, peel off the backing from another sheet and carefully place the uncovered side of the 11X17 placemat on that. When the sticky edges of the contact paper join, they form a pretty good seal. To match the edges exactly with each other, cut around all of the edges leaving about 1/4 inch of contact paper border.


But with what do we decorate them? Well, for starters, whatever the boys want to use. Other ideas include:


Print old Scout artwork onto the 11X17 sheets (with your Pack and Den numbers somewhere on the sheets) and have the boys color them

Have the boys try their hand at being their own "Norman Rockwell" artists.

Get someone from the Pack who has an electronic camera to take a picture of the den, print it in color, and have blow-ups (that best fit the paper) of it copied as color 11X17 sheets. Have all the boys sign the copies.


Table Centerpieces

The Turn Back The Clock theme offers some neat opportunities for centerpieces. For starters, you can have the boys try their hand at some sculpting to see what they can do copying some of the more famous Scouting sculptures (like those offered in the BSA Catalogue). You can also have them draw and color the different Cub Scout badges and post these on little stands around the table. How about a big clock that has different Scout Memorabilia for the numbers? Whatever you come up with, make sure the boys get a chance to help make it-it's their program and they will get more out of it by being an active part of it.


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