Volume 6 Issue 6
January 2000


Simple Awards
Greater St. Louis Area Council

In the "Spirit of Scouting" we give recognition and awards throughout the yeara to deserving Cub Scouts, leaders, parents, and guests. The award/recognition needs to be in accord with the event and the personality of the recipent. It should be "presented" and not just shoved at the person.


These are usually "found" or "concocted" and are often the most common and the most fun to present. Some examples are;


For Referees or Timers for races:

  1. Egg-Timers--For those "close times."
  2. Magnifying glass (or jumbo glasses--For those "close finishes."
  3. Pair of neckties--For those "neck and neck" ties.


For the Tiger Cub Organizer:

  1. Toy tiger cub in pieces, to be organized by our fearless leaders.


For that person that always gets us into (out of) those "sticky situations":


  1. Cactus plant in a blue and gold pot.
  2. Package of bubble gun.



"Dime-on-de-rough---a dime in the middle of a pot of sod

"Order of the Spare Marble" (marbles in bag or mounted) for the person who has lost their marbles

Top Award--for the person who is "tops" (use small toy tops.

Pear Award--For a great "pair". (Mount a plastic pear on base and give to best husband and wife team

Raise-In Pay--For the person who deserves a "Raisin" pay (small box of raisins)

First Aid Award--For the person giving you aid when you needed it (band-aid mounted or given in sleeve)

Key To Successful Scouting--Cut out a giant key and give to leaders who are the key to success of a program.

Measure Up--give a 6' ruler to the leader whose performance set the standard.


Thank You to All Unit Leaders
York Adams Council

Personnel: Scouting coordinator, head of chartered organizations pack committee chairman, pack committee members, den leaders, Cubmaster, Assistant Cubmaster, Webelos Den Leader, Scoutmaster, Den Chiefs and Webelos Scouts for escorting each leader to be recognized, operators for lights.


Equipment: Ladder with proper emblems; table; two candles; flash light; and certificates of appreciation, "Thanks" badges, or plaques.


Arrangement: Stage is set; house lights dimmed.


Scouting Coordinator: Tonight we honor the leaders of Pack _____ for the outstanding work done during the past year. Webelos Scouts will now light the candles representing the Cub Scout Promise and the Law of the Pack. Will our leaders please stand? As your name is called, a Webelos Scout will escort you to the front.


The Scouting coordinator reads names and describes the job of each leader to be recognized. A spotlight is focused on the leader. As he proceeds to the front, a flashlight is focused on the appropriate emblem.


Our pack committee chairman is (name). Working with him/her on the committee are (names). We appreciate their advice, planning, and administration of our pack. They are our board of directors.


Now a group that our Dens and Den Leaders could not be without, are our Den Chiefs. These Boy Scouts give valuable leadership to our Cub Scouts and help to our Den Leaders. We are proud to recognize Den Chiefs (name) of Troop ______. Tonight we also honor our Den Leaders for their unselfish service. By their devotion they help our Cub Scouts grow in stature and character.


We are proud of our Den Leaders. (Introduce the Den Leaders).


Also important among our leaders are our Assistant Cubmaster and Webelos Den Leaders. (Introduce them.) They guide our pack meeting programs and prepare our older boys for Boy Scouting.


It is now my pleasure to introduce to you a man/woman we love and appreciate for his/her example, guidance, and leader ship--our Cubmaster, (name).


Many of our Cub Scouts have been graduated into our own Boy Scout troop. (Name), our Scoutmaster: has helped provide our pack with many Den Chiefs. We appreciate his/her cooperation and are happy for our Webelos Scouts when they graduate into his/her troop. Will the Den Chiefs accompany Scoutmaster (name) to the front, and each Webelos Scout so assigned bring the other leaders forward.


I am happy to introduce (name), the head of our chartered organization.


Organization Head: On behalf of our organization, the boys and their families, we are happy to present you leaders with these certificates of thanks. He/She presents certificates. We pledge ourselves to the continuing support of the pack and to the purposes and objectives of Cub Scouting. We will also "Do Our Best."


York Adams Council

Ed: Is it okay for me to admit to a little tightness in my throat, dampness in my eyes, and goose bumps on my arms as I read this one? I hope it's okay, 'cause they were there and I don't think there's a thing wrong with me in that category. Here's to all of you who make this a reality each and every day! You're alright!




Remember the day your son came home, a smile was on his face. He couldn't hold still and talked so fast, it seemed he was at a race. "Guess what mom, in school today, the Cubmaster gave a show." "He wants everyone to join tomorrow." "Can I go mom, please can I go?" Remember how uncertain you were with your son's best interest at heart. Just two bucks and a form you signed gave him that scouting start. Then on the way home, you hummed scouting songs wondering what was ahead, "I'll have to get a shirt and tie and learn the promise," the young boy said. Remember then, how once a week you'd put that scouting shirt on display. You'd tuck it in, fix his tie, and tell him to have a good day. And when he got home you'd hear him say, "Mom, I ripped my shirt." Sometimes it wasn't torn too bad, but was it full of dirt. Remember that first Pack Meeting, you went with him to receive his badge. He stood there straight and very proud, and as parents you took a pledge. To help him along the Scouting Trail, and quickly you found out how, "My Bobcat badge has got to be sewn on, mom, couldn't you please do it now." Remember the derby cars he built anxiously awaiting the day, He came home without a trophy that night, but you knew just what to say, And at the Blue & Gold Banquet when his den did a skit, their uniforms all looked great. The front of your son's reminded you that earlier he dropped is plate. Remember when he earned his Wolf badge, all twelve requirements complete. He said to you. "Mom, could you sew it on and try and make it neat." "And on the other pocket mom, could you sew on my Cub Day Patch?" "It has got to be done by the next Den Meeting so everyone's will match." Remember the family picnic, when as a team you raced, And only a mother would notice, her son had a dirty face. But that was your son and proud you were when he was awarded the winner. Just think it wasn't long ago in scouting he was a beginner. Remember when he earned his Bear badge, he's getting older now it seems. "It goes right next to the Wolf badge mom, my uniform needs to be cleaned." And then came the arrow points, both gold and silver he received. "Mom you sewed them on upside down." "Could you turn them over, please?" Remember how very happy you were when he joined the Webelos Den? No more arrow points to sew on, finally you've reached an end. And when he got home from his first den meeting, there was a smile on his face. "Mom, my Den 2 patch has got to come off." "This gives the Webelos colors a place." Remember the overnight campout, how carefully everything was packed. And when he got home, he said to you, "Mom, I didn't bring everything back." "I left the kitchen knife behind and the flashlight you bought me too." "But I really had a good time though mom, look I've got both my shoes." Remember when he earned his Webelos badge, how neat his uniform looked. The Cubmaster said, "A round of applause, this boy has been studying his book." You knew well where this badge went, its place was easy to tell. His uniform was now complete, or was it? It's amazing how it fits him so well. Remember how very proud you were when he earned his Arrow of Light? "Mom," he said as he accepted that badge, "I'd like to thank you aloud." "Not only for all the patches you've sewn, but because you're always around." "And mom," he said as he held that badge high, "Boy Scouts meet Tuesday night," "Could you sew this on my new uniform, please?" "Thanks mom, you're all right!"


Written by: Alan M. Spencer

Lake Huron Area Council

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