Volume 6 Issue 6
January 2000


The Banquet
York Adams Council


BANQUET: Rub tummy and say "Let's Eat!"

CUB SCOUTS: Jump up and down and say "Yipeee!"

Den Leaders: Put hands on sides of head and say "Oh, dear, not again!"

Committee Chair: Raise hand to ceiling and say "Thank heavens"

Cubmaster: Show Scout Sign and say "Sign's up!"

Parents: Point to yourself and say "Us too!"


Blue and Gold time had come again. The CUB SCOUTS and the Den Leaders had to come up with ideas for the Banquet to please the Cubmaster. They also had to stay within their budget for the Committee Chair. They made the invitations for their Parents, and centerpieces for the tables with the help of the Leaders.


When they arrived at the Banquet, the Parents were happy with the decorations that the Cub Scouts had made. When the awards were presented, the Den Leaders received thanks for jobs well done. The Cubmaster and the Committee Chair were also awarded-with a great Banquet that was within budget! The Parents, the Cub Scouts, the Den Leaders, the Cubmaster, and the Committee CHAIR decided it was the best Blue and Gold Banquet they had had so far!


The Surprise Party
York Adams Council

Cake: "Yum Yum"

Candles: "Ooooooo"

Ice Cream: "Burrr"

Invitations: "Y'all come!"

Decorations: "Beeeeeautiful"

Party: "Whoopieeee"

Scouting: Everyone applaud


There was excitement in the air when Mrs. Brown announced that there was going to be a surprise Party. She asked the members of the group to participate by doing different tasks. Tom was to take care of the INVITATIONS. Jerry and Bill said they would be glad to make the DECORATIONS. Al was to bring the PARTY favors. For refreshments, Dick said that he could bring CAKE and Sam would be happy to bring some chocolate ICE CREAM. Jim, the only boy left, had trouble deciding what to bring. Finally it dawned on him, "We will need to have CANDLES and I will bring them." The group left the meeting with anxious anticipation, eager to prepare their parts for the PARTY.


Tom's job was finished first when he made a list of people to invite and sent out all the INVITATIONS, being sure not to miss anyone on his list.


Finally the big day arrived and Jerry and Bill were there very early to put up the DECORATIONS. Sam arrived next with lots of ICE CREAM. The PARTY seemed to come to life when Al came in with a big assortment of PARTY favors. Where was the CAKE? Jim was already there with the CANDLES. Sam was worried about the ICE CREAM melting. But still no CAKE! When everyone was about to give up on the PARTY, in walked Dick with a scrumptious looking CAKE and the PARTY was in full swing. The CANDLES were put on the CAKE and the ICE CREAM was dished out.


Then there was a quietness about the PARTY. Everyone looked at one another and said, "Hey, who is this PARTY for?" Then Mrs. Brown said, "This PARTY is for all of you! We are here to celebrate the birthday of SCOUTING!"


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